Parish pot luck supper- awesome night!

So today we went to our parishes first ever Meet and greet potluck supper. We got a new pastor in June and he is really shy but he has made some great changes to how we celebrate the liturgy. My bosses wife asked me to be sure to go to this even since she had helped organize it but forgot she was busy this weekend.

We got there and as typical, right away had a good laugh. We parked in the parking lot and saw a sign on the door that said, “Meet and Greet Entrance” so we walk up to the door to find it locked! I looked at dh and dd and said, “Oh, do I feel welcome!” and we all bust up laughing. Right behind us on the way to the door was one of the other organizers… she was sure she had unlocked the door before she went home to get her husband. Then came the organist… another employee of the parish… so we all stood around laughing until one of them found their keys.

We finally made it in, found where to deposit the food, got those silly name tags I hate so much and found a seat. I was disappointed that dd picked a table with nobody else at it to sit down, but I prayed someone would come sit with us. I walked around for a few minutes saying hi to friends and chatting… came back to the table and the new principal was sitting with us… and dd’s best friend. A few minutes later I get into a conversation with my favorite nun at out parish… turn around and our new pastor was sitting with us… cool, but how is this going to go with dd and her best friend?

OK…the evening became a roast on dd’s best friend. She is a year younger than dd and the principal had actually had the pleasure of disciplining her last year. My dd who is usually shy was in rare form and quite funny. So we all joined in… even the shy new pastor, who I learned has quite a dry sense of humor… Oh thank the Lord!!! I actually got a chance to talk to him, and I like him more than ever!!! He was already high up there in my estimation since he got the organist to stop with the children’s liturgy Gloria and her happy clappy musical preference. That alone was miraculous!!!

The food was good, better than I expected… but the conversation with the principal and the pastor… priceless!!! My other boss (yeah, pretty much most of us in our company are Catholic) came over mostly to talk to the new pastor under the guise of saying hi to me, but that was fun too… we started laughing about how I always end up “translating” for him because his English is hard to understand (he is from Japan) but his 6 yo daughter speaks perfect English and is a “star pupil” at the parish school.

In the end, we had an excellent night… dinner was 4-6 and then youth group was at 6:30… Father was surprised that these 2 teen girls that were so not shy at dinner were going to the newly formed group.

It was really nice to have such a fun informal night with the parish community… Anyone else have good stories about parish events?

Lol, I don’t really have a “parish” but we have an awesome Catholic community on campus. Today, we were making pancakes for everyone coming out of Mass this morning (so we went to Mass at night) and we had a blast. It was me and two guys and we’re all converts so we were talking about our families and their reactions to our conversions. Then, while we were eating, I made the mistake of sitting with all the boys! I was telling one of them (whom I’m pretty close to) that I could take him on because I play rugby while he said he could probably get me first (as long as I didn’t have my teammates with me!). Well, another one our friends was probably sick of constantly hearing us argue (we tend to do that a lot) so he said, fine, put your arms on the table,you’re both going to have an arm wrestling challenge and I was like, what? Why? and my friend said, you made the mistake of sitting at the boys’ table. Then they decided to give me a hard time about my affinity for coffee and my klutziness. Lol, I love our guys.

We are extremely active on campus. We’re always doing something fun, we have retreats, our Masses are well attended, and people just love being Catholic! Our priest has just as much fun as we does and he always is taking us places. He has a bunch of books that we can sign out and our assistant chaplains are awesome! We’re always there to support each other and pray for each other. A good deal of my Catholic friends are converts, which is awesome because I am too. It’s really amazing to see other college kids so into their faith as my Catholic friends are into theirs.

Thanks Sancta… that was awesome!!! It sounds like you had as much fun as I did!!!

I love stuff like this. I’ve had some great times at parish get-togethers. The choir Christmas parties are always a good time- good food, fun people, slightly tipsy caroling. We have an open house party in the parish hall after the Easter Vigil liturgy as well. Last one I went to was a great time: everyone was tired but joyful and we all relaxed, ate and drank, and chatted until the wee hours.

I love pot luck suppers, spaghetti dinners, and fish fries! The fact that I win “split the pot” more than half the time has nothing to do with it. :wink:

This weekend, the K of C at our new parish had a pancake breakfast. Was it good!!! In addition to pancakes and some of the tastiest sausage I’ve had in a while, there were scrambled eggs, bisquits and gravy, fruit cup and tater tots, along with coffee, tea, milk and OJ.

We got to meet some new people, met a couple of our daughters’ new classmates (including a young man of 7-ish, who was helping his dad by repeatedly cleaning the table which nobody occupied, directly next to our 6-ish daughter in her Sunday best, so cute!!!).

We later repaired to the parish church for Mass, where my elder daughter sang with the junior choir. They did a lovely version of “As We Kneel Before You” to close out October as a prelude. Even though her voice is not pitch perfect, the junior choir is such a blessing for her! She is required to stand up straight, to learn to project from her diaphram, to enunciate, and to have some self-control and discipline.

So yes- I love parish activities such as food thingies.

Not quite a potluck, but on Saturday we had pasta night.
Run by the Knights of Columbus. The knights cook up penne in the parish kitchen and many of the spouses bring in pots of sauces. Of course there is also salad and rolls. And cake for dessert.
Though our pastor was not there, however the associate priest was there. One of the knights kept us entertained with his accordian during dinner and it was a nice evening. DS especially enjoys our parish (Knights events). This weekend is bowling knight another fun event we do not miss.:smiley:

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