Parish Priest Gives Kidney to Save Life of Parishioner

Timothy McComb desperately needed a kidney transplant to stay alive, the difficulty worsened by needing to find a match. But then on Palm Sunday after mass, his own parish priest, Fr. Geortz, told him he was an eligible donor and he would give one of his own kidneys. A priest from even before the time of Christ, Father Goertz said, has been defined as one who offers sacrifice. Then the night before giving his own kidney, Father Goertz came to his parishioner and gave him the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick himself.

In our diocese there is a priest who received a kidney from a parishioner! :slight_smile:


Great article!!!

Very great priest! He gives his life for his flock.

:slight_smile: thanks!

Positive stories like this about a Catholic priest go unreported in the mainstream media since it doesn’t fit with their agenda of vilifying Catholic clergy.

Absolutely wonderful !!

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