Parish recommendations for Denver


I’m looking for a strongly orthodox parish in the Denver area, preferably with a lot of young people and young families.

I don’t mind, and even usually like, really contemporary praise and worship music. But I also like a much more traditional Mass. What I really want to avoid is the 1980s shmaltzy folk-Mass type music that I dare say you find in most American parishes. I’m also not particularly interested in Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

Any recommendations? Thanks.


Are you at all close to Littleton, Colorado?

The FSSP have a presence there:

Although… they do of course normally only celebrate the EF Mass. Still, that would be my advice, go talk to a priest from FSSP or at an EF parish and ask them. See if a parish that has the Extraordinary Form also has the Ordinary Form, that will be guaranteed to be orthodox (I would think).

I guess that’s all the advice I have. I moved to a new city about 3 months ago, and I basically just went to a bunch of local Churches for Mass until I found one I was comfortable at.

Best of luck to you!


There are lots of wonderful parishes in Denver but you don’t mention which neighborhood you are in. If you’ve tried your nearest parish and found that you want something more, you can drive downtown to the Cathedral, Holy Ghost, or St Elizabeth of Hungary.

If you are looking for parishes with younger families, the parishes with schools might be best - but again, it depends on where you are or how far you are willing to travel.


You should come to St. Michael’s Parish in Aurora. I’m literally in the midst of trying to start up a Lenten Bible Study for young adults and young families, because young adult community is so desperately needed. I just got back from meeting with the Faith-Formation Director. :smiley: I think it’s a good community, though sometimes the music leaves a bit to be desired, as does the building. I like both our priests; they’re solid.

Honestly though, shameless plug aside, I’ve heard good things about St. Thomas More Parish. It all depends on where you are. Denver is a big area, and I’m not terribly familiar with a lot of the other parishes.


There’s also the Augustine Institute. I looked into grad-school there, but alas, money. I know they have Mass on a daily basis, and there are lots of young people there. You’d have to get in contact with them for more information.

EDIT: I found their daily Mass schedule. Scroll down, and it’s on the right-hand side. They don’t have weekend Mass, but it would be a good way to meet other people who are on fire with the faith.


That was my thought too, until I read the part about not being interested in the EF. There are tons of young families there and Father Jackson is great, but it is an FSSP parish so the EF is what you’d get.

Outside of that it depends on what you define as orthodox and what one defines as Denver. In the same area as Our Lady of Mt Carmel is St Mary’s. The priests there are fairly orthodox and the pastor seems to love the liturgy. They also have confession before every Sunday Mass and on weekdays. Since it also has a school it tends to have younger kids and families if you hit the right mass.


See this link, as to evaluating parishes on one of the CAF forums. Asking for parish recommendations isn’t allowed, at least on the Traditional Catholicism forum.


Oops. Sorry!


I’ll have to say, most parishes are filled with those over 65. We are living in the “inverted pyramid” with the elderly on top. It is the elderly who seem to be steadfast on the faith. It kinda sounds like you are trying to bend God to your will instead of bend to Gods will (lists of wants). Could it be possible God might place you in a hippy parish to help transform it? I have no clue what you mean by “Mass in the Extraordinary Form”?!?!?!? Parishes typically have different music for different Masses.

I will invite you to Our Lady of Fatima in Lakewood Colorado. Our parish has an elementary school. We have several types of music: solo cantors, 10 am choir, mens choir, children’s choir, and modern music @ 11:30.

I’m a “revert”. I don’t know the whole politics about conservative vs liberal parishes … But I’m under the impression Our Lady of Fatima is conservative because when I attended conventions (we have great conventions in Denver) most nod and say under their breath, “good parish” followed by a smile. Further, my husband (church hopper) is very conservative and has happily settled here. In addition, there is a magical feeling of God I get especially here.

St Thomas Moore ( Denver Tech - park meadows ) also seems to have many families … It’s a huge parish. That author, Skri, goes there I think.


I’m not asking for evaluations if parishes. I’m simply asking which ones in a given area are what I’m looking for. How is that impractical? I have read many such threads for other cities and they are enormously helpful. Keep in mind that I did not ask which parishes I should avoid, but rather which ones are as I describe. You would think that CATHOLIC Answers would be just the place for that, no?


I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with the policy, just pointing it out. I can see your point of view, that if you are just moving into a city where you don’t know people yet, how could you find out by word of mouth, at least not for a long time till you made friends, they go to know what you like, etc. It seems easier to just put it out there, so you could simplify your choices.

On the other hand, I could see why this rule may have originated. It’s one thing to ask something objective, like which parishes have the Traditional Latin Mass, which parishes have a school, or cemetery, or whatever you need, or etc, etc. They are either handicap-accessible, or they are not. No opinion. On the other hand, things like liberal or conservative could raise concerns among some people. I will say a prayer that you find a great parish, wish you well!


What kind of music is there during Mass a St. Thomas More?


You can sometimes get a feel by going to the parish website; I usually go to and click on the website for the parish I want to visit. You can also visit the diocese website for a list of parishes.


Give a call … Each Mass has differnt music.


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