Parish Response


At my parish, we sing the Alleluia again after the Gospels, instead of saying “Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ”. Is this an acceptable practice?


It is not appropriate. However, in some larger churches, the organist will instrumentally accompany the Gospel procession as they return to their places after the Gospel.


I’ve never experienced “Alleluia” instead of "Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ"
For years we had “Alleluia” after “Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ,” but I noticed that as soon as the new Pastor came that stopped.

It’s wrong to replace the response and as far as I know, it’s only if the Gospel book is brought to the Bishop after the reading of the Gospel that the Alleluia may be sung. There is precedent for it during papal Masses and during Corpus Christi Mass. See here.


This is not acceptable. The response must be sung or said, and as far as I can tell there is no rubrical prescription allowing for another Alleluia after the Gospel except perhaps at pontifical masses. It is done often at Papal Masses, but anything can be done at Papal Masses because the Legislator celebrates Mass however it pleases him.


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