[Parish Review] Holy Spirit Parish at Geist (IN)


Visiting Indiana, I had the opportunity to attend two masses at Holy Spirit Parish. This is located in Fishers Indiana, just northeast of Indianapolis (although the parish belongs to the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana).

I must admit some initial trepidation here. It wasn’t immediately clear from the parish web site that this was a Catholic parish, but a bit of digging turned up the parish on the diocese web list and HSP does have catholic links on a secondary page.

This is a very large parish. The church sits 600 easy. And I heard the priest say they had some 1700 kids in their religious education programs so they relied on some 300 education volunteers. Phew! Their 8-page bulletin was full of ministry opportunities, “another” Jeff Cavins bible study was announced, and 29 families were listed that had officially joined the previous month. Seems quite active.

The Sunday Mass I attended was crowded, but a bit happy-clappy. I thought the sermon was on the mark. No noticeable deviations from the GIRM except the dismissal which had an added bit where the congregation recited with the priest their commitment to live the Mass (ending wth a rousing “Alleluia”).

All in all, quite serviceable.


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