Parish to visit in Orlando, FL

My wife and I will be visiting relatives in Orlando over Thanksgiving. I’d like to find a good traditional or at least conservative OF parish to visit while we are there. Close to downtown Orlando would be great as we have three small kids. Any recommendations are appreciated!

There is a great parish in Sanford, which is about 20 minutes north of Orlando. It is called St. Thomas More Catholic Church. The Sunday mass is at 9:00 am with the rosary starting at 8:30 am.

The address is:

St. Thomas More Catholic Church
550 Riverview Avenue
Sanford, Florida

St Joseph’s in East Orlando is a very conservative OF, several Latin responses are used in Mass.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
1501 N. Alafaya Trail
Orlando, Florida 32828
(407) 275-0841

(I lived in Orlando for several years, have a good time!)

The Basilica of Mary Queen of the Universe is the tourist church of Orlando. It is beautiful and very close to Disney.

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