Parish Trivia Night?



I found an advertisement for a "trivia night" in my parish bulletin. Has anyone ever attended a parish trivia night? If so, can someone explain what happens? What kind of people attend? Would it be a good event for a single woman in her late twenties? Thank you in advance.


I can't even guess, but why don't you go and find out, and let us know. It might be fun. It certainly doesn't sound like anything too serious. Even if there aren't people your age, sometimes it's just good to get out and meet people.

God bless


I'd have thought it would be a quiz night i.e. tables of 4 or perhaps 6 to make teams. If you are alone, the organisers should find you a place to sit to make up a team. It shouldn't be anything too formal, perhaps with fun prizes if anything at all. Take some money in case there's a charge for each round of questions. Was there any mention of refreshments? At our parish, we bring our own, but if they are sold at your parish, definitely take money to buy something, even if you are not hungry, so that you don't feel awkward while everyone else is eating.

If it's well-organised, it should be a really nice way to meet people as a singleton. If no-one thinks to steer you to a table to make up a team, would you feel able to just say to someone that you haven't a team to join?

A tip, though - don't arrive late. If anything, be early and offer to help with putting tables out.


We went to a trivia night at my parish a few years ago and had a really good time! I think it's a great thing for a single woman to do because there will be groups or other singles that need an extra person to fill out their team. Our trivia team ended up being me, my husband, two of our Protestant friends, a couple single people including a seminarian who was visiting our parish for a short period of time.

The trivia questions were varied--one category was "Religion" and focused on Biblical questions, but the other categories were random--history, pop culture, etc. It ended up being competitive and rambunctious with each team at a different table and "trash talking" the other teams (in a good-natured way of course!)


Thanks for the replies everyone! It does sound fun. I e-mailed the person organizing it for more information. The trivia night is next Friday. If I go, I will tell everyone how it went. :slight_smile:


First, please let me know all the details, I would LOVE to try to organize something like that at my church.

As for age… It all depends on what you are comfortable with. I have found that if I really like the activity, then other people’s ages don’t matter. Also, it sounds like something for all ages so it could be all across the board. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people bring their kids or teenagers



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