Parish Website page for visitors

I found the following on another thread. I thought it was very worthwhile so I sent e-mails to my current parish and to the parish I grew up in suggesting it to them.

This is the e-mail I sent:

I was looking at Catholic Answers Forums today and saw the following:

“I’ve often wanted to attend Mass, but the prospect is intimidating. Catholic parishes don’t really seem to put out the welcome mat for those interested. I’m not saying that this is reality, but it is perceived that if you’re a visitor, you sit in the back and shut-up. I’ve often visited many parishes’ websites hoping that they’d have a page for visitors telling them what to expect and what they expect from visitors, but I’ve yet to find one. This isn’t a condemnation… just an observation. So… any thoughts?”

I decided to copy it to my parish and to others as a simple idea for evangelizing. The creation of a page on the website, easy to get to for non-catholics to learn about the mass before they visit.

I would like to suggest to anyone here to send e-mails to their parishes making this same suggestion. :thumbsup:


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