instead of

Would it be good if someone came up with, as a way for members of each Catholic parish to easily connect and keep up with each other?

Sometimes people in a parish hardly know each other.

It could also be a way for priests, deacons, and religious education teachers to do some educating about the Catholic Faith.

According to the movie “The Social Network,” originally was only for students at Harvard University. Later, it was for anyone with an email address ending in “.edu” A similar method could be used so that only registered members of a given parish could get into the parish’s network on

What do you think?

Could someone do this?

Well, here is place that is kind of like that :D.

(but I know what you mean) :wink:

(just checked, its taken, darn!)

I like how they have a separate section for “Christian Friends” and “Catholic Friends”, but they still use a picture of a Crucifix for both groups. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, that’s great idea.

That is very funny. I just don’t get why they have to isolate Catholicism from Christianity. (I mean, I do know. I’ve dealt with a fair share of conversations with my fellow protestant friends). But at the same time, we are all Christians. But yes, I do find that funny.

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