Parishes in Diocese of St Pete Tampa


Can anyone recommend a good parish in this diocese? I'm interested in a parish that is very active for families with children, solid theology in the religious ed and/or Catholic school, a great lifeteen program (i emphasize great), beautiful modern music ministry, reverent priests, both pro-life ministries and outreach to the poor.


St. Stephen in Riverview (east Tampa) has an excellent Lifeteen program. They have a teen Mass on Sunday evening that my kids enjoy…great musical talent! My 5 year old daughter calls it the “High School Musical Mass.” They also have more traditional Masses. They are also known for their outreach programs (food pantry, San Jose Mission in Plant City etc.)


My sister and some of my friends really like St. Ignatius in Tarpon Springs. Good music. Great Lifeteen. No school though. That's a big diocese. You might want to get more specific about which county or area at least.

I had heard good things about the school and somewhat about the parish at St. Michael's in Clearwater (near Countryside Mall). The former pastor there was definitely up on his theology. He left a year or so ago though. I'm not sure what it is like now.

I will say, unfortunately, that the anti-community nature of that area has always made it hard to find really great parishes. For some reason, the protestants can pull it off. However, I always had issues finding really great Catholic parishes in my time there. There are some great priests, but the parishes always seemed to lack a real cohesiveness.

Things might have changed since my time there. Good luck!


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