Parishes in Tampa?

I’m moving to Tampa, FL in a little over a month and was wondering if there was anyone on this forum from Tampa that could give me a heads-up on a good parish. I’m pretty traditional, and I know the cathedral in St Pete has a Tridentine Mass. As much as I love the Tridentine Mass, I was wondering if there are any parishes in Tampa that - though they may not offer the Tridentine liturgy - are still relatively traditional wih their Novus Ordo Masses. So,if anyone’s from Tampa, or has been to Mass in Tampa, what parishes do or don;t you recommend? Thanks!


I go to the Tridentine Mass at the Cathedral. I know Sacred Heart in downtown Tampa has a BEAUTIFUL high altar (and is beautiful in general), but I couldn’t tell you about the Mass. I’m more familiar with the parishes on the other side of the bay, but it seems in our diocese, while there aren’t any high Latin Novus Ordo Masses, I’ve never really seen any liturgical abuses. Things are done pretty well.

I agree. Sacred Heart Church is VERY nice.

This is good to know. My in-laws have lived down in Wesley Chapel for a couple of years and aren’t that happy with their parish near-by. They go to mass, but it’s not an ideal situation for them. I’ll have to tell them about these other parishes. Thanks!

Visit Sacred Heart in Tampa during Holy Week.

Also web page :

Great site:

I’m not so sure there are an Equal # of men n women at the Altar …err Table though.:eek:

Isn’t that an Oxymoron?

you may try the immaculate heart of mary chapel located at 2401 e. stuart. masses on sunday are at 8:20, 10:00, 12:00 (spanish) and 1:30. hope you have a pleasant visit. (alih)

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