Park Service photos challenge Trump on inauguration

Park Service photos challenge Trump on inauguration

WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Park Service on Monday released dozens of photographs of President Donald Trump’s inauguration that appear to counter Trump’s claim that up to 1.5 million attended the event at the Capitol and National Mall.

The photos were released in response to news media requests made through the Freedom of Information Act. The park service also released photos from President Barack Obama’s two inaugurations. The photos show the 2009 event far outstripped the number of people who attended Trump’s inauguration.

While there are no time stamps, the photos clearly show crowds gathering near the Capitol’s West Front stage for the ceremony. Crowds did not extend to the Washington Monument as Trump later asserted. Large swaths of empty space are visible on the Mall.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer claimed that news media photos of the inauguration were “intentionally framed in a way…to minimize the enormous support that had gathered on the National Mall.” The park service photos are from a variety of angles, both from the air and on the ground.

Photos taken during Obama’s 2009 inauguration showed substantially more people on the Mall than during Trump’s swearing-in.

The article links to the NPS FOIA page with archives of the images. Here they are compared.

Clearly this is more evidence of Obama’s shadow government delegitimizing the Trump presidency from within.

deep state :wink:
The pictures also show that God favored us with much better weather at Obama’s inaugural.

So it wasn’t the largest ever for an inauguration in history any more that his was the biggest electoral win since Reagan. This guy gives out so much fake news himself that it’s going to be hard to believe him when something important actually occurs.

Fake news. Trump said it was a bigger crowd, so it was a bigger crowd. Trump said God smiled down on him and cleared away the rain, so it didn’t rain.

(Yes he said that and yes it did actually rain…).


Just anticipating the next ten posts from the ardent Trump disciples.

Didn’t the press decry Trump’s beinging all this up at the time? So why are they bringing it up weeks later? Could it be because the Republicans released the news of their changes/replacement for the ACA?


:thumbsup: Go at it disciples of Trump.

It’s because the media requested the photos with a Freedom of Information Act request and the Park Service just got around to releasing the photos.

Well your OP did say Monday and… it was just now Monday. :shrug:

These official photos taken by the National Park Services were only released last night, for the first time.
That is why they are in the news today.

*“The Park Service released the photos in response to a number of Freedom of Information Act requests submitted in response to the White House’s continued insistence that the audience that day was the “largest…to witness an inauguration, period.””


If they thought Trump was being petty back then, then they are beeing petty now. As they said at the time: it’s over!

It’s not petty, but for the news media to release the results of the FOIA request is sort of “been there, done that,” old news.

No doubt. Attendance at an inauguration is irrelevant to the legitimacy of the president.


Can somebody do another FOIA so we can compare the crowd sizes for Trump’s inauguration to those for Hillary’s?

You mean the same Park Service who allowed the liberal “Occupy” movement to illegally trespass for months, but immediately prevented Veterans, that they funded, from visiting the war memorials to grieve their friends and remember their service? (The Democratic leaders were allowed in to make a political demonstration of the shutdown though…)

Nah, they would never take political sides.:stuck_out_tongue:


Its another deflection. Really, ppl, this has been covered.

Hillary was inaugurated?

This tells me they are losing on issues and in the court of public opinion. Needed something to try to deflect from that, so they’re resurrecting this old, tired issue. :yawn:

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