Parkland victim's father and Kavanaugh: The handshake that wasn't



There were 120 murders in Chicago this Labor Day weekend and a Northwestern woman who hoped to obtain her PHD was killed in “cross fire.”

My daughter lives there and I am scared to death.


I don’t know. Maybe Kavanaugh was distracted by the questioning and didn’t place him.


It may relive your anxiety a bit to realize that the number is 6 not 120.


Maybe, but bad optics - and another misstatement of fact from the WH.


Thanks so much, yes it does help me. I was told a different number at work today.

God bless.


Or maybe Kavanaugh did place him, perhaps recognizing the name, if not the face.

Even if that’s the case, I’m inclined to give Judge Kavanaugh a pass on this one. Even assuming he (Kavanaugh) knew who was extending a hand towards him, perhaps he just didn’t think it appropriate to stop and engage with someone, at this hearing, who had taken a public position on his confirmation.

And perhaps he feared that if Guttenberg clasped his hand, he (Kavanaugh) would be trapped in a conversation he didn’t want to have, and/or felt would be inappropriate in that setting. If Guttenberg wouldn’t let go, Kavanaugh couldn’t walk away without using physical force, or involving the security personnel. Could have been an ugly scene.


Thanks for sharing, but does this have something to do with Kavanaugh and his qualifications for the USSC?


Did you see the video of the event? Kavanaugh got up and was in the process of buttoning his suit coat when the man appears and extends his hand, Kavanaugh is still buttoning his jacket when a security guard gets in the middle of them and whisks Kavanaugh away. Nothing nefarious happened and nobody was snubbed. It all happened very quickly. it is bad optics only when you take a snapshot of the mans hand extended and Kananaugh not extending his. This was purposefully done by the dishonest fake news media to fabricate the news story to make Kavanaugh look bad. This is just another example of why people dont trust the media can consider them fake at best and liars at worst.


from Guttenberg’s twitter account

I will be at Kavanaugh hearings and I hope to play a role in ensuring that this man does not become the next Supreme Court Justice.

Looking like this was possibly planned and they knew the probable outcome and could use it to make Kavanaugh look bad.


The video on the OP has the man extended his hand at 0;05 second, Kavanaugh listening then turning his back at 0:07 seconds, and the security guard stepping in between than at 0:08.


A whole 3 seconds!

just like i said, it all happened very quickly. The security guard is obviously trying to get around the chair, past Guttenberg and in front of Kavanaugh to get him out of there.

the fact that Guttenberg has prepositioned himself to be able to pounce quickly enough along with his tweet that he “wanted to play a roll” should tell anyone that this was likely set up to go down exactly as it did. it was a set up to make kavanaugh look bad


How long does it take for you to respond to an outstretched hand? Seconds? That is a long time.

It is plausible that something was said that alarmed him. It is plausible that in light of all of the hubbub he as ary of being approached by stranger. Perhaps he was on edge from the questioning. All plausible.

But it did not happen too fast, nor was the opportunity to shake hands interrupted by the security guard.


If i was in the middle of using my hands to button my coat then yes, it could take seconds. 3 seconds is not a long time.

you are quibbling here over the events that you admit were mere seconds long, how silly.

Nothing more to say than :rofl:


Even so, to just turn away like that when someone wants to shake your hand seems rather rude.


Nit picking in the extreme! Scheesh,how does ,this have anything to do with anything?:flushed:


There are some who will look for anything negative when something like this happens. Why assume that Kavanaugh knew who the man was, why assume that this turning was purposeful, why assume anything? Good grief, people, get a grip.


Right. Judicial candidate was put in a political ambush by a legislator (Feinstein) who he knows is NOT friendly to him. He doesn’t know this guy from Adam (other than him being introduced by the unfriendly legislator) and as a judicial candidate is wary of being put in some compromising situation. I fully understand why he turned and walked away and why the Dems are trying to make him look like a bad guy for doing so.

This hearing is supposed to be about Kavanaugh’s fitness for the judicial bench, not about whether he shook the hand of a victim’s parent. He is not running for office, where such a handshake would matter.


I agree, but am of the opinion that is fate is already decided by everyone voting anyway. This whole exercise is a sham and yet another waste of taxpayer money. They have like 6 times as many pages of documents as they had for Kagan, and complain it isn’t enough documentation? It’s a joke, and it makes the Democrats (in this case) look like petulant children. He’s likely going to get enough support, as he should based on his judicial background. The Kamala Harris’s of the world would love to Bork him, but they simply don’t have the votes, and Donnely and Manchin and the like will likely support him in an election year.

Look at the disparity in votes (yay/nay) in the last 30 years for Republican nominees versus Democratic Nominees. It’s pathetic.


So the judge avoids a potential set up and now that’s news?

The guy was invited to the hearing specifically for such showmanship by Dems.

Kathleen should have been more cautious in what she put in her hands from the audience.

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