Parliament Debates Banning Trump

Last Monday, the British Parliament debated banning Donald Trump from entering the U.K. They did not mince words. The debate ended without a vote, but it went on for three hours.

Here is the whole debate if you can sit still long enough to watch it.

Looks like they wasted three hours. :shrug:


It was just time for Muslim Labour and SNP party members to air their private grievances and probably was “good” publicity for both parties as it showed they have Muslims in their parties and are :cool: and tolerant.

Nothing more than a dog and pony show.

I’m not defending Trump, but I think the UK needs to stop pretending it’s this ultra-free nation.

It isn’t.

Also, I want to know why it’s okay for the UK to ban people but not okay for America to secure it’s borders.

You’re probably right about the dog and pony show. I cannot imagine them actually doing this. On the off-chance that Trump is actually elected president, they would have enough egg on their face to make omelets for all. “Sorry POTUS, you’re not allowed in our country.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Of the 12 Muslim MPs (out of 651) 3 are actually Conservative, and only 3 of them y joined the debate. There was no vote because the discussion was triggered by the petition which means it’s outside parliamentary business (ie it wasn’t debated in Parliament) so there is no ban (nor was there ever going to be one!).

Funny…I thought it was Americans who suffer with the delusion that they are a free nation for some reason (or perhaps were)

A country that would ban anybody for being a blow hard would no longer be relevant to the free world anyway.

That is for sure. I heard talk of this a month or more ago. I thought they had decided against it so I am surprised to see another thread about this.

You won’t find me defending America as a free nation. A big reason for that is many of the voters have sold out their values just like their politicians have.

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