Part of the Mass I didn't recognize


I stopped in at a weekday Mass and didn’t recognize one part. Right before communion–the Priest said something and the people responded “you did not choose me, I chose you” or something…I think they went back and forth like 2 lines each or so…

I recognize that as scripture but I can’t remember who said what at Mass and why.

And I can’t stand feeling left out!!

Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

They were probably reciting the Communion Antiphon. It’s often replaced by a hymn of some sort on Sunday Masses.

That is almost certainly the Communion Antiphon. It’s basically a scripture verse that is usually replaced by a hymn at most masses.

We actually recited it today at the local hospital chapel. My parochial vicar leads us in reciting both the entrance and the communion antiphons during daily Mass. :thumbsup:

Where I go to weekday mass we also get the entrance and communion antiphons recited by the priest.

my former associate pastor (and the congregation) recited the entrance and communion antiphons. the new pastor and the two new associates do not.

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