Part-Time Job on Sunday

Hello everyone, I have a question about the morality of working on Sundays. I’m currently trying to get a part-time job working at a local movie theater. I’m a college student and hope to carry this job on through the Summer at least, now since the theater is open 7 days a week, odds are I will at some point be required to work on a Sunday and I’m wondering if this is acceptable?

I’d rather not work on Sunday, and if I’m required to I’ll plan to get to Mass for the Saturday vigil or perhaps a very early mass on Sunday. But would I still be in the wrong for working at all? Strictly speaking I don’t “need” to work to survive (although this money could help with student debt later on), I live at home still, but I don’t want to be unproductive and idle for the next few months by abstaining from work just because of the chance I might be required to work a shift on Sunday.

What should I do in this situation?

many people have to work on Sunday. Since you can make arrangements to attend Mass at other times, I wouldn’t worry about it. This isn’t your life career here and it is what is available to you since you probably need the money.

No, you are not committing any sin by working your schedule which includes Sunday. Many service and leisure jobs require this-- restaurants, movies, parks/recreation, etc.

Take the job. There are almost no jobs out there where you can get a Sunday off.

It is easier to accept working on a Sunday if you are in health care as this can be seen as essential work. This may not be the case with other jobs, but until there are more options for those of us who have to work, keeping a work free Sunday is not going to happen.

I truly wish a lot of businesses like stores, malls, and movie theaters would actually be closed on Sundays’. But they are not, and if you are needing to work you will work lots of Sundays. I always attended the Vigil Mass if I knew I had to work on Sunday. I only had one job in 30 years that did not require Sundays.

I don’t think it is a sin to work on Sunday if there is no other option. And there probably isn’t another option because most service jobs will eventually require you to work on Sunday or at least fill in for someone on Sunday. I do think it would be a sin to miss mass every week unless the money is absolutely needed. Try to work out a schedule with your employer that gives you time to go to one of the masses that fulfill the Sunday obligation. They might let you get off early or start later to give you time for mass.

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