Partial Birth Abortion ruling was a pro-life defeat

I know many of you are upset because you think the pro-life cause has suffered serious set back. The truth is that the prolife cause never got much traction under the republican administartion either. The biggest “victory” was the partial birth abortion ban. This article spells out why it was a just a shame to get us (pro-lifers) to mindlessly vote republican.

With victories like this, who needs defeat? So don’t be so down that Obama won. Nothing was really going to stop abortion any time soon in this country.

oops thought this was Social Justice oh well

I believe that it was still a victory.

We are not going to get a total ban on abortion anytime soon. It will only be accomplished by incremental action.

Banning partial-birth abortion may not prevent a single abortion - but it does prohibit **one **method of abortion. We got the ugliest abortion method banned. We have made the point that killing a baby by that method is horrible. Next, we can hammer away at the next-ugliest method. Eventually, we’ll get our point across that **all **abortion is horrible.

In the meantime, we can keep up our educational efforts to inform everyone that human life begins at conception. We can work to get abortion banned week by week, backwards through the 9 months of pregnancy.

Except, of course, if FOCA passes - which Obama has promised to sign. Now is the time to write to our Congresspersons.

God bless us all, and prevent abortion,


Even if it doesn’t actually prevent any real abortions, it prevents infanticide being legalized. After all, there isn’t much difference between partial birth abortion and full-birth abortion (infanticide).

I disagree. A quick thrust of the scissors to the back of the skull is probably more merciful than ripping of the arms and legs of the baby which is exactly what these “pro-life” judges recommended.

VARC, you’re right about the merciful aspect. In retrospect, I should have said we got one method banned because the public easily perceived it to be murder.

Now, on to the next one.

In the mean time, let’s fight for GOOD catechesis throughout the Church, and then for all Catholics to have big families, until we take over the world and can pass laws banning abortion and contraception! (Ruthie smiles evilly and twists her villainous mustache)

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