Partial indulgence


can one receive a partial indulgence in confession? I also read, if you are to receive a indulgence, you must be in the state of grace at it’s “completion”. So, if you committed a mrotal sin, and a part of that indulgence is to go to confession, and you go admit your sin, can you still receive the indulgence?


Confession is the FIRST step when you work towards an indulgence. Thus, any mortal sins are absolved at the onset. If you commit a mortal sin *after *the initial confession, but *before *the requirements of the indulgence have been completed, you cannot receive the Grace of the indulgence (because in a state of mortal sin, you cannot receive ANY Sanctifying Grace).

If you are working towards an indulgence, and commit a mortal sin (after your initial Confession), and then go to Confession (again), I am not sure if you can just “pick up where you left off” or if you should begin the process afresh. Maybe Bro.Rich or someone else who is smarter than I can provide some insight here.


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