Participating in a non-Catholic Wedding


A friend of mine is getting married and has asked me to be an usher in his wedding. I said I didn’t know if I could. I think he would call himself a Christian, but he is nominal at best. He said the wedding would be in a church, and I’m fairly certain it will be a Christian ceremony. As a Catholic, can I participate in this wedding?


Participating in a wedding is a tough issue. Most of the concern is about a Catholic who is getting married in a non-Catholic (and not dispensed) ceremony. As you have not said that he is a Catholic (and presuming the bride is not) it would seem less of an issue; when in doubt, ask your pastor. And make clear the circumstances to him when you do.


Thanks for the reply, he is not a Catholic, nor his fiancee


Non-Catholics marry validly. If they are both baptized it is also sacramental. Why do you have doubts about participating?



Then there is no problem here. You are free to participate


+1. If you still have doubts or concerns, visit with your Priest.

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