Participation in another's grave sin

So a friend asked me to go to an even with him tonight. I had went to Mass last night to fulfill my Holy Day obligation. I have reason to believe that he didnt go last night or this morning. At first I agreed to go. Then I thought about it and realized I shouldn’t go with him as it might hinder his opportunity to go to Mass. Would I have been in the wrong if I would have gone with him realizing he wouldn’t make it to Mass. I realize that he might not go anyway but I don’t want to be the reason he didnt go. Thanks!!

I’m not Catholic, but based on your beliefs about the importance of attending Mass, I think it would be best not to hang out with him tonight. You might mention the reason for not hanging out with him too, and see whether that might encourage him to go (or it could annoy him).

Matt, while it is certainly important that we not participate in the sin of others, you are being scrupulous here.

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