Participation in Covid-19 vaccine Phase 3 clinical trial - ultimate act of charity?

It seems to me that the clinical trials are slowing down. Around 5.000 people received the second/final dose of the trial vaccine in the previous week at the COVE study, but this week only ~2.000 volunteers received it. My projections was that the required number for people would have been achieved by 16th of October. But now - we (we all!!!) should have to wait longer. And waiting hurts.

British Telegraph reports that Britons will start direct human challenge trials next year - i.e. the vaccinated volunteers will be exposed intentionally to the virus to get the faster feedback. Such trails are thanks to dexamethasone that can manage the infection if the vaccine appears not to be protective enough.

And you will pay for the long term side effects of the poorly tested vaccine while Big Pharma reaps the profits from treating the side effects with little or no risk of law suits. If vaccine freedom is removed what motivation remains for Big Pharma to create a vaccine that is safer and more effective?

The Swine Flu vaccine debacle is presented here near the bottom of the page.

The original Salk, polio vaccine debacle is presented here.

Think about how costly an autoimmune or neurological condition could be over the long term; however that could be small in contrast to the potential long-term side effects of the genetic modifications in some of the vaccines. Giving those to young people of child-bearing age is very concerning.

I think they were allowed to skip the typical animal studies and start human studies. Are they even doing animal studies concurrent with the human studies to look for effects on the next generation?

Don’t go to NaturalNews or Mercola for science. Go here instead and find out that the Swine Flu vaccine was not a debacle, despite what NaturalNews says:

Well - my question is exactly about testing - the more people volunteer sooner, the more data we can obtain, more corrections make to the vaccine and sooner get the tested vaccine.

There is in-depth forum of leading scientists published in the top journal. Again and again they are speaking that human trials are the ones that make the difference, the animal models are necessary but they are not sufficient. Experiments on animal models are made in the preclinical-phase, no agency can allow to proceed with the clinical phase 1, etc. if tests on animal models signal about serious side-effects or lack effectiveness. I am not sure, standards may be lowered this time but this is certainly done with the necessary precaution.

In the case of the Moderna and other vaccines that include genetic modifications animal studies seem especially interesting due to shorter life span and reproduction cycles of animals. They may get some data on the effects of the genetic modifications on subsequent generations.

This may be of concern and for some time I thought that Church is against the genetic modification. But I am reading this statement from the Pontifical Academy of Life and they are still undecided. Many human gene therapies e.g. CRISPR (there are trials and it seems to me - confirmed therapy as well) involve gene modification but not always those changes are inherited. Genetic modification happens naturally - sometimes for the better, more frequently - for the worst. Gene therapy just stabilizes and boost the natural process of evolution, no need to wait for generations and no need to put unnecessary suffering which natural evolution imposes by its trial-and-errors approach.

I follow Mercola religiously. He has saved my life. He’s one of the few who gets it.

This is exactly the kind of testimonial that invariably accompanies pitches from snake oil salesmen types.

Snake oil or not, I can’t argue with results.

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