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I went to my first Mass on Sunday and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! My question is: is there a list somewhere on the internet of the events and responses that the congregation says (the Creed, responses to the priest, etc.) in chronological order? I know that each parish is different but if someone could help me it would be much appreciated. I just kinda get embarrassed because I dont know all the rituals… Thanks in advance!!!
God bless


awesome! God bless you, ukdal1!

I just googled using keywords “Order of the mass catholic”, and I came to this site:

I’ll keep looking for any better site while you read the page above. :slight_smile:


To get a better understanding of the Mass check out this website

definitely order the DVD it comes with a book and 2 audio cds. It will help you see the beauty of the Catholic Church and the Mass.


Hi Ukdal,

I would be surprised if your church did not have the traditional “missalette”, which contains all the readings and responses. Ask about it.



Also, every missalette in the Church would have the Order of the Mass inside. Usually, it is either in the front of the missalette, or sometimes in the center. Either way, the Order of the Mass is in there. All the responses the congregation says are usually bolded. And it also displays the postures and actions the congregation should participate in. If you follow along with that, then you’ll know what’s going on.


Thank you all SO much!!! You guys are very helpful! I will ask my parish about it…God bless!!!


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