Participation in Sin Due to a Gift


My family decided a few years ago to stop going to Starbucks because of its financial support for abortion and same sex marriage. I received a Starbucks gift card a few months ago as a gift. I don’t want to be ungrateful for the thought of the gift and don’t feel right just throwing it away or passing it on to someone else possibly causing them to sin.

Am I participating in sin/evil if I use it?


Starbucks Gift Cards - to use or not to use?

Not at all.

Since the card was already paid for by someone else, you are not promoting anything you oppose by making good use of it.

Enjoy the coffee in good conscience!



All I am going say is that if you don’t want to use companies that support Same Sex couples in some way, you are going to have a hard time. Many large household name companies do, especially when it comes to the treatment of their employees and customers.


Some businesses will refund gift cards. Go to Starbucks and ask if they will refund you as you never go there.


There are tons of companies that support Gay Marriage and the like. Here are some that support gay marriage:

Gap, which also owns Banana Republic and Old Navy
Ben & Jerry’s
Goldman Sachs
I mean, the list can go on and on.

You own a computer or smartphone? Your money has probably went to a company that supports immoral things. :shrug:


Thanx! You just answered my question.:wink:


I’m sorry but I don’t think God would have us avoid supporting all of the low income workers at Starbucks and their families to make this point.


PLUS all companies who do NOT hail the rainbow flag are being swiped out of existence by the gay gespato…


Honestly it’s a bit like saying we should raise taxes on business and not on individuals. Businesses don’t pay taxes, only people pay taxes. It’s the same here. When you refuse to do business there you’re not hurting Starbucks. Starbucks can’t be hurt anymore than I can hurt my computer monitor. When you boycott a business you are hurting real live people, people who may or may not approve of gay marriage and who need that income to live. People should consider that when they talk about a boycott.


Ne neither.


IN fact, businesses can pay taxes, if they are a corporation (such as Starbucks).

A “corporation” is a “legal body” (hence the root word corp-, corpus, body).

This means it is “somebody” before the law.

It can be sued, can be subject to fines, and it can be taxed.

When it is taxed, the tax bill comes out of its revenues and therefore the stock value. Not the payslips of the workers.

Boycott works the same way.

But boycott is not just a matter of saying, “I won’t spend here any more”. For it to work, enough people have to let management know **why **they aren’t spending there. This alone can effect policy change.

Lamentably, when it comes to the gay issue, the bus has sailed, IMNAAHO.



When a “corporation” writes a check for its taxes where does the money come from? Remember, there is a difference between who writes the check and who fundamentally bears the cost. It can only come from one place, the proceeds from the sale of goods and services. So when you tax the proceeds that money doesn’t come from nowhere. It comes from a real live person somewhere. Individuals pay for it. Either the consumer pays for it through higher prices or the employee pays for it through lower wages and benefits or the stock holders pay for it with decreased dividends or the job seeker pays for it because the company pays taxes instead of expanding. So it’s really economics 101. You can’t tax a business anymore than you can tax the chair I’m sitting in. Only people pay taxes. Every single tax without exception is a tax on a person.


True. But in the situation you speak of, if I want to lower my tax rate, I can buy less stuff.


That’s true. I only went through the entire subject of taxes just to try and illustrate that when you boycott a business or corporation you are not actually harming the entity. The entity is not real, the thing only exists on paper. When you boycott a business you are affecting people. Real live individuals most of whom had nothing at all to do with the decisions made by those in charge.


In matters like this, where I have chosen not to do business with a particular organization or contribute to a group, I would not use the gift. No harm, no foul.

If you feel that the giver might repeat the gift, you could mention at some point in the future that you don’t go there any longer, no need to give an explanation if you don’t care to.

I understand that the gift has already been paid for, but going against our own conscious does spiritual harm that no dollar amount is worth.


I gave up Starbucks 7+ years ago as a sacrifice for someone who left the Church.

The one time I received a Starbucks gift card, I gave it to a priest who promptly promised to pray for the person w/ each coffee purchased! :thumbsup:


If we had to avoid buying food, drink, clothes etc etc from any company that had policies that contradict Church teachings then I think we would have to live in a cave naked just drinking water and eating plants.


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