Particular Examen?


Hi all,

Last night I was going over what sins I most often fall into. One of these was procrastination/slothfulness. One of the particular manifestation of this is my watching too much TV. So I decided to limit my TV watching to an hour (for the news) a day.

I want to use the Particular Examen approach to get control of my TV watching. Is this to broad for Particular Examen?

I want to also note that while in adoration today I read a meditation on today’s rule of St. Benedict and it talked about how we stay up late watching TV and how the monks in St. Benedict’s day would go to bed at 6:00 pm and would wake up around 2:00am and spend their extra time praying and studying. I just looked up and said “You can’t get more obvious then this without writing ‘Spend time with me not TV’ on the wall.”

I personaly would love to see that line turned into a bumper sticker.


I think you definately have a plan! I recently stopped my weekday paper subscription because I was spending too much time looking at the paper (even when I set an alarm) and then was running late. Perhaps you could do the same for your TV? Drop down the channels you receive so that you aren’t so tempted by special movie channels, etc.

The Rule of St Benedict is very smart as to how he divided the day into work and prayer with just enough recreation time to relax, but not so much that the brothers would fall into sloth.


I think that your resolution is just right for the particular examen. There’s a simple, straightforward method for daily particular examen outlined in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius:


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