Particular Judaism vs. Universal Catholicism?

Old Testament Judaism seems much more difficult to enter as an outsider than Catholicism… why was the True Religion so particular back then but is so universal now (i.e., everyone has the same pathway to enter) ?


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God’s kingdom expanded from a couple (Adam and Eve) to a tribe, to a nation, to a kingdom and finally to the whole world through Jesus Christ and his Universal Church. That is the story of salvation history.

Very true, but it seems like all those generations past would have a much more difficult time accessing God, and I was just curious why that was… Although there were godly people before Abraham, and righteous Gentiles that were part of Jesus’ lineage, so I suppose some pathway was open to those who desired it.

The revelation of Judaism was particular to the Jewish people…the Mosaic law for Jews only…Jesus revelation brought God’s saving power…the new covenant…to all people.

I know it was only for the Jews first, serving as a divine tutor if you will, but what about everyone else? :frowning: I know this is broaching on the realm of mystery, but have any of the Church Fathers, for instance, answered this question?

The rebelliousness in man that seperates him from God and causes sin is more powerful than we may understand at first glance. We don’t bend easily and Gods actions within human history are designed to draw mankind, as a whole, little by little patiently working with us, into conformity with His will, without forcing that will upon us. As such the truth, the truth about Him, His existence, nature, and will, have been revealed gradually, as we’re ready, in an obscure and even humble sort of way, drug around through the desert by a resourceful and obstinate group of people and ending up in a small corner of a small corner of our world, a precious seed ready to bloom into full form, in history as well as in our ourselves, at the right time. For myself this is a work of God’s hands, awesome in it’s way, a way I never could’ve predicted, much less invented. I don’t think God’s revelation and grace will be withheld from any of us, in any time, even if our understanding of it might need to be completed outside of time.

You know, once I realize that (a) one could have entered the Jewish people if one wanted to and (b) all the surrounding nations needed an example of the previously unknown monotheistic ethic, it makes a lot more sense, actually…

Yup, that makes sense… God works with large groups through history just like he works with us individually.

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