Particular Ukrainian Canons?

Can anybody show me an authentic link to the Canons of the Particular Law of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church?

There is a documents purporting to be the Canons of the Particular Law of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church - it is posted on what purports to be the Web page of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg, Canada:…Law_Canons.pdf

Maybe these rules apply to Canada only? Maybe they’re simply a misprint? Maybe they’ve been superseded (at least in the United States)?

Have I been using inoperative documents all this time?

Link didn’t work, try this link and scroll down to “Official Documents” -

The Metropolia of Winnepeg, headed by the Archbishop-metropolitan of the Archeparchy of Winnepeg, is for Canada’s portion of the UGCC. it appears that Philadelphia is the metropolitan see for the US.

their website is

Thank you for your link.

Please allow me to humbly return to my original question - can anyone provide me with an authentic copy of the Particular Law of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church?

Perhaps I should add a couple other questions. First, is the document linked by the Archeparchy of Winnipeg authentic? Second, if it’s authentic, to whom does it apply? Does it only apply to Ukrainian Catholic in Canada or the Winnipeg Archdiocese, or does it also apply to Ukrainian Catholics outside of Canada?

I am particularly interested in the following language in the document:

"Subjects of Particular Law

“Can. 1 (CCEO c. 1) The canons of this particular law affect all and solely the faithful of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.” There does not appear to be a territorial limitation to Canada or Western Canada in here.

Then, at the end of the document, there is the following information about the drafting and translation:

"Editorial Commission:

"+Sophron Mudri, general chair of Administration of Justice of the Synod of Bishops of the

"Rev. Dr. Oleh Kaskiw, Promoter of Justice for the eparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk

"Rev. Lubomir Sanotsky, Court Director of the eparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk, Judicial Vicar of the eparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk

"English translation (2006):

“Rev. Andrei Kachur, JCL, Judicial Vicar of the Inter-eparchial Marriage Tribunal for the
Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada”

So it seems that the English Translation is Canada-specific, but the Editorial Commission which drafted these canons (presumably in the Ukrainian language, which I am ashamed to say I do not know), comes from Ukraine. Were they simply concerned with drafting particular canons for Canada, or the western part of Canada, or were they trying to draft canons binding on all the faithful of the U.G.C.C.?

This is a translation of the official statement from Major Archbishop Lubomyr of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, made in Kyiv, September 22, 2006, which makes public the decisions of the Synod of Bishops meeting in Lviv-Briukhovychi occurring Sep. 13-20, 2006. One answer is that the canons were for the entire Ukrainian Catholic Church, for a trial period beginning in 2002.

The question remains, have any additional decisions been made between Sep. 2006 and July 2010 regarding the canons?


  1. To commission Bishop Volodymyr (Yushchak) and Bishop David (Motiuk) [Auxiliary of Winnipeg] to look into the state of the Particular Law of the Particular Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. For this to happen:
  1. to take the necessary measures to work out the entire Particular Law;
  2. to examine the canons of the Particular Law, which was accepted by the Synod of 2002 for a trial period, and to determine how much it relates to our current church needs;
  3. having examined the canons of the Particular Law, which was accepted by the Synod of 2002 for a trial period, to ask His Beatitude Lubomyr to sanction its actuality by decree.

Additional Patriarchal Synods occurred:

44 - Philadelphia-Doylestown-Washington, USA, on September 27 – October 6, 2007
45 - Lviv-Briukhovychi September 2-9, 2008
46 - Lviv-Briukhovychi from November 29 to December 9, 2009

Of those I only found the documents from 44 and 45, and this comment on the canons from Synod 44.

  1. To present His Beatitude Lubomyr with a request to establish the Canonico-juridical Subcommittee, and to appoint Most Reverend Volodymyr (Juszczak) as its head, and Most Reverend David (Motiuk) as its member.
  2. To commission the Canonico-juridical Subcommittee with the task to elaborate the particular law of the UGCC. Upon the request of the Subcommittee of the Canon Law, the Patriarchal economist is to find means of financing the project from the Church general budget.
  3. To obligate all members of the Patriarchal Synod of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church to give their opinion of the documents on the particular law of the UGCC distributed by Most Reverend David (Motiuk), and to send them to him by the end of the year 2007.
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