Pascal's Wager


I am currently taking on Pascal’s Wager, as well as asking my husband (a Baptist-raised Agnostic/Athiest [depends on the day]) to take the wager on.

It’s only a year- finite with infinite reward.

If you have taken on Pascal’s Wager, how did you fare?
What are your opinions on the wager?

EWTN: Blaise Pascal
Pascal’s Wager wiki
Religious Tolerance: Pascal’s Wager


I have no idea what you are talking about…

However I am going to check out your links because I am curious! :smiley:


So, what does “taking on” the wager mean, exactly, to you, and to him? :slight_smile:

The wager is basically an “act as if it’s true” scenario. How are you “acting as if”, and what do you hope to gain from the exercise?

My own “conversion” was the reverse of taking on this wager. I suddenly discovered that I was a Catholic, and then spent time and effort figuring out what that actually meant.

The wager is easily “sidestepped” by a determined intellect, because of the “merciful God can’t punish someone whom He hasn’t made believe in Him” counter-argument.

But, that said, if one is even slightly motivated to “get what God promises” the exercise of “acting as if” has a very good chance of producing “private revelations” which will “bootstrap” one into real and strengthening belief in God and His Church. :slight_smile:



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