Pass Drivers Test


My Daughter Is Taking Her Drivers Test Today. Please Pray That She Stays Calm & Relaxed Inorder To Pass.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:



I will keep your daughter in my prayers today; good luck to her.:thumbsup: :knight2:


I’m praying that your daughter does just fine & passes, with flying colours ! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


I ask the Lord to help your daughter to be calm and alert, and to handle this and all her other challenges with trust and confidence in her ability and our God.


Prayers promised!


Praying for your daughter.
grandma glor


I apologize for being late, but saying a quick prayer all went well.


Remember to remind your child that having a drivers license is a priviledge and not a right…I know it all too well since I have Epilepsy and am not allowed to drive…I pray that everything went well today.


Praying that she passed her test and that she will be protected by angels as she starts driving on her own.

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