Pass The Collection Basket?


Online giving solves that


Without fail, every time I attempt to place my donation into the basket the Organist plays dramatically and a few people faint. The stares and chatter after Mass about my incredible generosity are growing so Passé



It’s such a hassle.


This is a timely topic for me. My parish uses baskets on poles, and as it happens, this was my monthly Sunday on the usher/greeter schedule.

Just as Mass was starting this morning, a good friend of mine came rushing breathless through the door and mentioned that “everything had gone wrong” that morning and he was running late. He also mentioned that he “even forgot my envelope on the kitchen counter.”

When it came time for the collection I noticed that he was sitting on my side of the church. When I got to him, I made a minor production of poking him with the basket, prodding him for his contribution. After giving me a confused look, he got the joke and actually laughed out loud.


I feel your pain…

But without us who would pay for the entire Cathedral Roof? Who would have their name on everything? WHO?!


As an usher, I would say that you can when:

  1. You have helped a family of 4-6 find a place to sit during a crowded Mass.
  2. Had to walk up to an old person and ask, “Do you want us to bring Communion out to you?” (Some people really don’t take kindly to this and would prefer to hobble slowly up the line.)
  3. Had to go up to a random family and ask them to take the collection up to the priest.
  4. Learned where everything is in case someone throws up or manages to cut themselves. Also be prepared to clean it up if it does happen.
  5. Greated random people as they walk in and/or as they leave.
  6. Cleaned up the nave after Mass.


It also makes it easier on the parish staff/volunteers AND parish budget (because most folks set up their online giving and it just automatically happens, even when they are on vacation or home sick)


Ushering is the most thankless of the volunteer ministries, and the one we most miss when it does not happen. HATS off to all Ushers!!


Our priest does make a point to recognize and thank the various ministries throughout the year. It’s a nice touch.
At our parish we call ushers the Hospitality Ministry. Only 1-4 are assigned each mass, and we draft others to help with the collection and bringing up the gifts. We have our “go to” people for each service, but try to get others involved too. I’m amazed at how many say no, but we don’t pressure them.
One time last year we were visiting London and went to Westminster Cathedral for mass. We were asked to bring up the gifts. It was so cool!


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