Passing gas on first date?


My take on this is that he was probably nervous - in some people this causes this embarassing problem, and in trying to put some levity in what happened he said and did something that just wasn’t that funny. His bad.

You might give him a second chance or not - you said he really wasn’t your type so saying no is okay.

Brenda V.


2 important questions were not asked.

Did it smell?

Did he laugh?

Just joking, why not just ask him if he did it on purpose, then you know.


Aww, the poor guy. Maybe he’s lactose intolerant. And may be he did not intend it but gas is gas, I mean, everyone passes gas.
In any case, I don’t think it’s such a big deal. This is just a social dilemna, he did nothing wrong. Was he laughing when he did it? If he was, laugh with him. It’s only gas. And even a gentleman passes gas.


That is gross! I definitely would have made a comment like “that was gross!” or something. lol


Did he apologize? If he did, and he seemed embarrased at what happened, then, yes, he deserves a second chance. However, if it was totally the opposite, I would not give him a second chance.


Thanks for the laugh:D

I can tell it was a horrifying experience for you, but you’ve received tons of opinions already from “it might not be his fault” to “he is a pig”, lol, so I think it’s ok for me to just laugh (hopefully with you;) ).**

**I second the opinion though that you might want to warn him against such behavior in the future with other women. Thank him for the date, tell him you just don’t feel a romantic connection, then tell him that waving fart smell in a woman’s face is no way to get a second date, lol.:rotfl: **

Now, everyone has their own feelings on matters like passing gas in front of a date, their boyfriend/girlfriend, or their spouse. You need to find a man who shares your view and he can find a woman who shares his (good luck to him!).



This is so freaken hysterical. I’ve been married 7 years and I still have to slip away to blow my air biscuits. Give the guy the heave ho.


:wave: I’m one of those women. My whole life I haven’t been able to not laugh when someone passes gas or burps. I’ve noticed that I have some gas issues now that I’m older and well, my dd passes gas a lot. I have family members as well as friends who have no problem passing gas infront of those they are comfortable around.

Since you aren’t into him anyway, don’t give him another chance. But he may not have any diseases but just may be a gassy person and he deserves someone who is understanding and isn’t grossed out.


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


LoL! I’d say no second date, mainly because you didn’t really like him to begin with. I think if you had been incredibly attracted to him and were having the best date of your life, a little fart (or a massive one) would not have tainted it enough to ask the question, “Should I?”

In all fairness to the opposite sex and in general, I come from a very umm…gassy family and sometimes they just can’t help it. (I’m adopted so I was spared lol…but for my DH, who has hirschbrungs disease - an intestinal disease - farting is a sign that his intestines are doing okay) Also, something kind of humorous, maybe to me, is the fact that I tend to burp out loud a lot…not in public, mind you, but amongst people who know me well. And I can be quite good at it. The first time my DH heard me belch, he was delighted…he was so attracted to the fact that I could do that and wasn’t grossed out by burping. “Better out than in” as my mom always says.

Btw, we’re not a mannerless family…these things do not happen in public :wink: :D.


Not and keep a straight face. :smiley:


I’m just going to say a little bit on this topic.

One of the first questions I ask a woman when on a date is if she farts.

Yes, we all fart. That’s the point of the question. If she lies to me about farting, what else would she lie to me about? Yes, this is a make or break question for me (pun intended).


As well as ladies. :wink:


You weren’t litllulu’s date in question were you? :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually have a friend who really rarely farts…maybe it’s her diet and exercise or something…I don’t know…but she farts MAYBE once every six months. She’d probably say she doesn’t fart.


Haha, nope he’s not her date. He’s my boyfriend! I guess I answered the question right:p

We fart around each other all the time.:eek:(EDIT: Not cause we’re immature. but because I have IBS and acid reflux and he’s just gassy:p) My last boyfriend was disgusted that I wasn’t ashamed to fart in front of him. Its all a personality trait I think. Maybe the OP’s date was testing her to see how she’d react. I probably wouldn’t have thought anything of it, unless he kept doing it. Then I would have asked if he had to use the restroom!


:stuck_out_tongue: as well as ladies of course.


Maybe she pulled his finger. :smiley:


haha! that sounds like my DH…LOL!



Rude behavior does not and should not get a guy a second date. I wouldn’t take to a guy who pulled that on a first date. :frowning:

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