Passing on the cup – charity or false charity?

In my heart I would prefer to always receive both the body and blood of Jesus via bread and wine but I struggle with drinking from the cup when someone else has before me.

I have thought of being the very first in line to receive but I think that would make my intentions way to clear to others – not to mention I’d feel guilty for pushing to the front of the line without regard to others.

So - I was thinking of using reverse psychology on myself as I pass on the communion cup. What if I don’t drink from the cup for the sake of those who have to drink after me but especially for the priest or extraordinary minister of Holy Communion who must finish the cup at the end of the communion line? If I don’t drink then that’ll be one less set of germs for the next person to deal with. I would do this if I think I am healthy or not. Is this charity or mind game of false charity?

I’m having difficulty dealing with unsettled feelings I have when I mostly choose to pass the cup. I already know the bread is both body and blood of Jesus. The confusion comes when I consider that the Church is offering both forms. I look at the priest and minister with the cup and think they aren’t standing there for their ego or as church decoration. They are there for a reason and I don’t want my human nature to get in the way of what the Church may be offering me or calling me to.

You are receiving the full grace of Jesus Christ when you receive him in the bread. If you are uncomfortable about receiving from the cup, then don’t and don’t feel guilty about it.


I havent taekn from the cup in over 20 years and dont feel like ive missed anything

Thanks JimR-OCDS & Estesbob.
I’ve struggled with this matter for so long will little resolve. Your words boil down the problem. I shouldn’t allow guilt to fog my faith, hope and love when receiving Holy Communion.

Congratulations, you are one of the few posters that just spills her guts without rationalizing them with pseudo-theology. That is how you feel and it is not contrary to the Church teachings.

I do exactly the opposite because I feel that I should receive from the cup. That is not contrary to the Church teachings either. I can explain why I feel that way. My reasons apply just to me and they not make me any more pious.

Thank you - I feel a little less uncomfortable now.

Go ahead and spill. Why do you receive from the cup?

I drink from the cup because I feel I cannot say no to Christ’s “second serving” (I apologize if it might sound offensive but is difficult to find a more refined description)

I receive on the tongue because I feel like a child being fed.

As you can see these things are about me and not about a well thought theological choice.

There is no need to apologize when speaking so lovingly from the heart.

I believe God always knows what is in our hearts. He knows we long to be with him in Holy Communion and that is the heart of the Mass.

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