Passion of Christ

Ever seen it? How many times? I’m watching it for the 3rd time.

twice, very good.

jesus of nazareth is my fav though and Robert Powell my favorite Christ.

Robert Powell was excellent in Jesus of Nazareth…But Jim Caviezel rocks!

I have seen passion at least 10 times. I have seen Jesus of Nazareth at least 10 times too! :stuck_out_tongue:

As soon as I heard Mel Gibson’s name associated with it I refused to watch it as he distorts the truth.

I do not know whether the film is good or not but I will stick to Jesus of Nazareth instead.

i havent watched either, ive seen parts of the Passion of Christ, ive seen the Scourging part, helped me meditate on the Sorrowful Mysteries, God bless

How so?

Mel Gibson actually portrays the Passion of Christ in a very realistic manner. He takes a lot of material from the Gospels and from Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich’s visions. It’s historically, culturally, and religiously accurate. The only points that divulge from history is for purely artistic reasons (such as Christ carrying the entire cross on the Via Dolorosa, instead of just the arm beams).

And to answer the OP: I try to watch it around Good Friday every year,

The movie really shows an understanding and depth of the mysteries.

Do give Passion of the Christ a chance…Mel Gibson may be many things…but he is a great director. It really is a great movie. Horrendously violent…but still great.

I have watched this movie 5-6 times. It is well done, and I appreciate all the efforts put into it to make it as accurate as possible. It is a great movie to watch during Lent, and the scenes from it assist me in my meditations while praying the Rosary. It truly shows how our Lord suffered for us.


It was good, but Mel Gibson is a disturbing character. I think his turn of mind is a bit sadomasochistic, his movies are indulgently bloody; in many of his character roles he’s getting the life beaten out of him. I think this is why he chose to make a movie about the last hours of the life of Christ rather than his teachings. Many of the scenes are indulgent and taking creative license to make the movie as gruesome as possible, like close-ups of Jesus’ flesh being stripped to the bone with those whips with sharp stone pieces. Close-ups of the cross falling foward after Jesus was already nailed to it. Jim Caveziel, Monica Bellucci, the actress who played Jesus’ mother, and the actor who played Peter were excellent though, Jim Caveziel should have been nominated for an oscar. The acting was good, but the content not as much. The best English version movie about Jesus to my mind is “The Greatest Story ever told”. It included so much of what is recorded in the gospels. The scene with pilate and Jesus was profound, good scene with Nicodemus, the exchanges berween Herod and John the baptist. Great movie.

In Mel’s defense, crucifixion and scrouging were bloody events. Artists of all sorts have reined in the horror of such a torturous death but it was indeed gruesome. I think Mel definitely has a dark side to his nature–but then many geniuses seem to suffer from one kind of mania or another.

There were no nominations because Gibson didn’t submit the film to the academy as a contender. He felt the subject of the film disqualified it and considering no one in Hollywood would fund it and how much unnecessary flack he got for even making it from the Hollywood elite, I can hardly blame him. It would have been pure hypocrisy on Hollywood’s part to give any Oscars to it under such circumstances, but then they are known for being hypocritical, so no surprise there.

As for “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, I saw it eons ago and can hardly remember a thing about it, so it didn’t impress me, but that’s just me. :wink: I thought “Jesus of Nazareth” a very good effort at telling Jesus’ life story. It has some very good moments in it, but over all I wouldn’t call it great. The movie that emotionally moves me the most is “Ben Hur”. That scene in which Jesus gives him water in spite of the centurion commanding no one give him any is a masterpiece of film art. And the crucifixion scene is devastatingly beautiful.

Gibson just escapes my understanding, he’s a barbarian but has made some unforgettable movies. Apocalytpo was brilliant and very few directors would have ventured to make a grand-scale epic about the long gone Mayan civilization, and that movie was even bloodier than the Passion. I remember that Ben Hur scene, that was a good movie too.

I know what you mean–I don’t understand Gibson’s personal demons, either. But he is a genius in film making, even if he does have problems.

He was very good to Robert Downey Jr. when he was going through addiction and nearly lost everything after being arrested. Mel stuck by him and supported him when the rest of Hollywood gave up on him. So, although Mel has his crazy rants and seems to swing between being a jerk and being a saint, he’s definitely gifted.

I was deeply moved by The Passion. I have only seen it twice, both times in theatres. I own it on DVD but have never watched it. It is brutally violent, and sometimes I think it pushes the detail of the violence a little far. Overall an excellent portrayal though. Definitely the most moving scene in my opinion is when Our Lady runs over to Jesus as He is falling down under the weight of the cross, coupled with her seeing him fall down as a little boy. When He rises and says something along the lines of, “See mother, I make all things new”. That gets me in tears every single time. Praised be God for His mercy on us sinners.

Actually, I think scholars and researchers have said that The Passion was still too light on the violence, compared to what actually happened during flogging and crucifixion.


Oh wow. I wince seeing the Passion as it is…any more than that I may not be able to take…:frowning:

I actually left the room the first time seeing it.

I bawled like a fool the first time I saw it…

You know what i dont get? Pilate did not want to crucify him…the Romans had no problem with him, it was only the Sanhedrin, right?

Why did the romans take such glee in his flogging and crucifixion? :frowning:

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