Passion of the Christ to be aired on TBN

Trinity Broadcasting Networks will be airing Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ on their network through the remainder of the month of April, and the month of May. You can find a schedule of air times (Pacific) on their website at Franco Zeffirelli’s Jesus of Nazareth is also up on the website, but not on the schedule. I suspect that will be a future airing, perhaps after Passion of the Christ finished showing. Yeah, I know it’s TBN and not EWTN, but we should be grateful for anybody airing programs like this. TBN and JCTV (Jesus Christ Television, mostly aimed at Gen X and Y) do have some decent programs on. I happen to like Building a Difference, Ultimate Choice and Tony Campolo’s Red Letter Christians (which recently featured a Catholic). Thought I’d post a heads up for anybody interested. :okpeople:

In Australia. The passion of the Christ has been aired a few times on commercial television. With out commercials none the less:eek:

We have an independent theatre that shows Passion during Lent for free :slight_smile:

Jesus of Nazareth was on TBN’s schedule for Easter Sunday a few weeks ago. I guess they scrapped it when POTC became available.

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