Passionate kissing

I have heard this talked about by several individuals. I don’t quite understand what this “passionate kissing” is myself so maybe someone can enlighten me. The kissing I have done has been with women that I haven’t been in a relationship with and they wanted some affection. For example I was in a bar once. And I drink soda and go for aqaintence and conversational reasons. Not looking for a woman or a “one night stand”. And a girl there once wanted a drink and then she would give a kiss. I didn’t see anything wrong with it and it was more friendly seeming to me anyway. I didn’t feel bad at all.

What is this passionate kissing? I guess you are to avoid it. Also what are the younger people meaning with this term "hook up"? Is that like a one night stand?


French kissing. Especially long, involved kisses. They tend to cause sexually arousal, unlike a simply kiss on the cheek or even a simple kiss on the mouth. This makes it an occasion for sin if this person is not your spouse.

It probably will depend on who you talk to. Not sure quite how specific and detailed one can be here without it starting to offend people (to say nothing of getting disgusting to read in print, even if the act is perfectly harmless!), but I would equate it with ‘French’ kissing, I suppose, if I had to explain it.

Should you avoid it? - I suppose in the context you describe, not necessarily, in itself, although obviously for many people in many occasions it might be the harbinger of very real sin (think one-night-stand, or, indeed, a hook-up). Even though I certainly don’t think what you describe is sinful, if it makes you uncomfortable then of course avoid it, otherwise, since you don’t/didn’t feel bad about it, I wouldn’t worry! :slight_smile:

Sometimes a long passionate kiss can be more intimate than even sex.

Kissing is an amazingly beautiful thing and can be used to express every type of love there is, platonic, friendship, erotic, eros and agape and more.


If it was French kissing, such passion with a girl you bought a drink for is a sin. There is no love there, but only a placation of lust. Lust is a sin.

We’ve been so bombarded by the media that we’ve become desensitized to what sin really is. For instance, CNN is broadcasting a series called The 60s, and one of the episodes is called “Drugs, Sex and Rock 'n Roll.” I rewound and paused when the name of the episode came back on, and I thought of how sinful a celebration of drug and sex is. In the 60’s, our morals really went downhill, and the nation lost its ability to be a proper role model for our children. I like Rock 'n Roll, but not all of it is suited for Christians. And I thought of how we have lost our way. I did my part to further pervert the culture starting in the 70s.

I wonder how many people today would even notice how the name of the episode glorifies sinfulness.

It can have different meanings depending on the context, from forming a relationship with someone, meeting for a date, receiving something like a favor, or having sex.

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In the best case scenario ( the context of the Sacrament of Marriage) the above is wonderful, sanctioned by the Lord to bring the couple closer to Him and each other, and ultimately to the glories of Heaven for all eternity.

I find nothing erotic or sexually exciting or alluring about french kissing. A girl once tried this with me and well lets say her breathe wash wasn’t making it. Ugh.

Cheetahs are my favorite cat too. They need our further attention plight wise too. IMO.


I hope this post didn’t offend anyone.

As with all intimate physical acts with another hygiene and good health play a large factor. And of course, not everyone expresses love in the same way. But I find a passionate kiss with a lover a very expressive and delightful act.

As the examination of conscience asks in the Handbook of Prayers (Midwest Theological Forum):

Did I engage in acts such as…passionate kisses…?

Yes it is something to avoid.

  • something for the married with their spouse.

I imagine the chastity section of Catholic Answers site will address such.

I think one would easily know if it were passionate or not. It doesn’t even have to be a kiss to be sinful.

And as an aside, how do you know for a fact she isn’t someone else’s wife or girlfriend? That would compound the seriousness of such an event, no?

I’ve learned bar rooms can be very dangerous places.

Nah! Your breath is fine! :thumbsup:


Maybe that’s the problem. Too many mints. :D:D

If more people would kiss passionately, there would be less war, less pain, and less strife in this world, so I say passionate kissing is a beautiful thing and do as much as you can!

For those who are married - and kissing their spouse. Perhaps.

But like other good things life it is not a “do as much as you can” thing.

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