"Passionate Kissing"


I have a serious question to ask if anybody would care to answer please.
I have read on many occasions that passionate kissing (also called “French kissing”) is a mortal sin outside marriage. However, I have also read articles speaking against this observation. In total I have read literally every Catholic article and post on the entire internet on the subject.

Those who say it is a mortal sin say so because they claim it “entices lust”, which they claim is a mortal sin.
Those on the other hand who disagree say that if the act is done as a sign of love and affection, and there is no lust involved, then it cannot logically be sinful as the sexual faculty is not being used (I agree with this stance).

Now, my thoughts are as follows:
Passionate kissing done for the sake of affection and love, when lust is omitted and the sexual faculty is not being used, cannot logically be sinful. To say that one type of kissing is sinful and another is not, is like saying that one type of stealing is a sin and another is not, or like saying that one type of cursing is a sin but another is not, etc etc. also I think it is rediculous to say that passionate kissing is a sin because it is “forplay” because then you might as well say that hugging or holding hands or kissing normally is forplay. If you are looking at that girl as a vessel of honour and treating her respectfully and not like an object of sexual use, and you just want to show her that she is loved and appreciated, then passionage kissing just can’t be a mortal sin that would send you to eternal damnation in Hell. Of course, I’m no moral theologian and I’m not the Pope himself either…but I think all that makes sense. We’re Catholics not puritans.

I’d like to hear other people’s thoughts. Hopefully we can have a pleasant and satisfying discussion:) May God bless and protect you all!:slight_smile:


Such kissing can be said to be “directly directed toward sexual pleasure” thus is to be reserved for marriage.

Rather different than say chaste kisses or holding a persons hand.


Yes bookcat I agree with you, but it may not always be directed towards sexual pleasure, if you know what I mean.


It can be said to be rather “in its nature” directed toward such.

(Sexual pleasure is NOT only referring to other sexual acts.)


Sorry I forgot that little word “not” …thankfully I added it. I note this here for those who already read that post with its former lacuna.


I understand what you’re saying yes


Passionate kissing is far different from a peck on the cheek. Outside of marriage I would consider passionate kissing sinful.


Yes lust would count for that, an inordinate desire for sexual pleasure would count in this circumstance.


any desire or consent for such here is inordinate. Is lust.

But is not simply the desire that is problematic. It is the “nature” of this sort of action.


It certainly is different yes but I was talking more about the actual intentions and feelings. I grow up in a culture where passionately kissing strangers for fun is very common and I disagree that it’s right to do that because you’re just looking for arousal.


Elaborate on what you mean by “nature”?:slight_smile:


I did in the first posts. Also see the PM I sent you for more notes.


Please, let’s not devolve to where we are on the road to “Duggarville”. :eek:


An Examination of Conscience for Confession:

(for those who are not married to the person)

“Did I engage in acts such as …“necking,” passionate kisses…?”

From the Handbook of Prayers. Edited by Fr. Jim Socias* Midwest Theological Forum *(quoted by the Catholic News Agency)




I agree.:thumbsup:


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