Passover after Pentecost


Hi all,

After the Holy Spirit was given to the Apostles, and Jesus rose into Heaven, did the Apostles still celebrate Passover each year?

Or did they celebrate Mass?

Did they still consider themselves Jews?



If Jews who became Christians were still going to temple on the Sabbath and “breaking the bread” on Sunday, I would suspect that for a while at least they still observed Passover. Becoming Christians certainly did not make them anything else than a converted Jew. At that time in history Jews who were born and lived in Palestine would have been ethnic Jews not just Jews by religous belief, i.e. a member of the people who had been led out of Egypt…


I’m sure Christians were attending Temple in Jerusalem up until the time they were told to “get out of town” (the REAL “rapture”) before Jerusalem, and the Temple, were destroyed in 70 AD.

After 70AD, Christians realized that celebrating Passover and other “old ways” were no longer necessary. The destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple was a BIG deal - the only thing that would come close would be the destruction of Vatican City, and EVERY Catholic church around the world, along with the execution of 75% of the Catholic population, all happening in a matter of days.


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