Passover and the Passion


Boston Globe columnist James Carroll make some startling claims in his editorial column today about the Passion narrative. I realize that Carroll is a bitter ex-priest who wants the church to become the equivilant of a liberal Protestant branch, but is there any veracity to what he claims about the narrative?


Mainstream scholars are unanimous in dating the Gospels to a period about two generations after the death of Jesus, between the historic crises of the Roman destruction of the Jerusalem Temple (in the year 70 ), and then of Jerusalem itself (in 135 ).

What?!? Who are these mainstream scholars and what rock did they crawl under?

To leave the “Christ killer” time bomb behind, Christians must read the Passion narratives with a critical eye, emphasizing that, when it comes to the question of “the Jews,” the Gospels are not gospel. Only when the texts are thus defused will this week be truly different for Christians and Jews alike.

I hadn’t heard of the Jews being blamed for killing Christ in a long time. Many a priest in homilies I’ve heard have said “You killed Christ, every time you sin, you drive the nail a little deeper…”

It’s almost like this guy is trying to get us to blame the Jews by telling us, “Hey, it’s no fair to blame the Jews for killing Christ”.

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