Passport changing questions


Why is it so important to change question to mother and father to parent 1 and parent 2? Someone , somewhere, has way too much time on their hands.


The reason they gave is that some states now recognize gay marriage.


Well, perhaps we should make it "source 1" and "source 2" as there will be a few test tube folks to please I suspect. Political correctness has reach a new alltime low.


Legal definitions of mother and father would preclude two people of the same sex from having parental rights, I would think. So, there maybe a lot of reason (none of which would have anything to do with being gay) to change the form to parent one and parent tww due to custody issues, all kinds of things.


From the Washington Post:

“The new policy is a win for gay rights groups, a vocal and financially generous Democratic voting bloc that has pushed for the change since Barack Obama began his presidential transition in late 2008.”


I am scratching my head over your remarks. And I do mean the ones in parentheses. Can you explain this any further? If both people having the parental rights are female or both are male, your parenthetical remark seems to make no sense.


Legally, I assume one can have two parents that are the same sex that don't even know one another.

Example: My wife and I are killed in a car accident. Perhaps her sister then becomes the guardian (legal parent) of our son. Since she travels often, and out of the country, we could also name a second aunt, friend, different family member as also having parental rights.

Legally, Aunt Trudy and Aunt Joanne are the "parents" of the child. Just like someone can surrender all parental rights to a child and even though that person is a biological mother or father of a child they are no longer that child's parents legally.


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