Past Due in First Pregnancy...Getting Impatient


So my wonderful (and patient, especially lately) husband and I are past-due with our firstborn, and I honestly expected to be early, since pre-mature births run in my family. We’re not way overdue (Monday was our due date), but I feel like I’m just getting bigger each day. In the past week or so, some days I’ve had contractions off and on, some evenings I’ve begun timing, but nothing serious seems to be happening yet. Prayers are definitely appreciated. I know it’s in His time, not ours, but I also really don’t want to have labor induced medically. Any thoughts??

Thanks for your time. :blush:



My first came on his own at 44 weeks ! I don’t recomend it . I remember how hard it is to wait . Everywhere I went someone said, "why haven’t you had that baby yet " He’s 11 now and amazing . You have a lot to look foward to . My other 3 children were induced around 42 weeks . It wasn’t bad at all . There was a study in Lancet some years ago that suggested that post term pregnancies are related to the father . Good Luck . Let us know what happens .


My first was 2 weeks over due. My next 3 were all 3 weeks early. I know it is impossibly hard to wait, but it will all be worth it when you get to hold that sweet baby. You’re almost there…

And hoping your future babies are all early :slight_smile:


The “due date” is just an estimated date when you would have reached 40 weeks - nothing more, nothing less - just a guideline. I know it’s difficult to wait because you’re so excited about meeting this new little person, but remind yourself it’s not about when YOU are ready for the baby to be born - it’s about when the BABY is ready to be born. (and yes, sometimes they need a little help making that decision) :wink:

Hang in there! :slight_smile:


Take some walks , do that thing that married couples do that makes babies in the first place. Both have been known to help things along. Unless you have been told to avoid those things by your doctor.


A friend I used to have who was a mid-wife said the having sex when you are overdue can bring on labor. She also recommended (and used it herself) Castor Oil to bring it on.

I was painting the outside of my house when I went into early labor (2 weeks early) with my last child.


The AVERAGE pregnancy lasts 41 weeks. Which means half are less than 41 weeks but HALF ARE MORE than 41 weeks.

Hang in there mama, unless something’s wrong with baby, (which I’m sure doc is keeping up on) your baby will come when he’s ready.


Hi, there! Both mine were a week overdue, so I feel for you. For my second one, I decided to shampoo the carpet the day before he actually came. Also, I went to an amusement park after my due date (no, I didn’t ride roller coasters), and I was huge. People’s eyes would get big and they’d ask “When are you due?” They’d almost back away in fear when I replied “Last Friday.”

If you have an OB appointment, as your doctor to “stretch you out” (strips your membranes and makes your waters break.) The first time, my doctor offered to do that, and the second time, while she was offering, my water broke in her office! I still needed some potosin for the second one, but he finally came after I decided I wasn’t going to lay down - just sit up or walk till he decided to arrive! (As it is, he waited until my dad’s birthday!)



Just plan a big date with hubby for a few days from now. Murphy’s law is sure to kick in…LOL. If not, you get a nice last date as just the two of you with no sitter/nursing baby.


According to a Harvard study, the average length of first time pregnancies is 41 weeks and one day. You are still on the early side of average! :smiley:

Hang in there, I know it’s hard, esp. with the temptation to just schedule it. As long as you have no medical reason to be induced, hang in there and let your babe put on his or her finishing touches! There is a movement in this country to make 40 weeks more like the 42 weeks of old, that is, a feeling that going past 40 weeks is dangerous, but that’s simply not true, unless medical problems already exist/present themselves. In a normal low risk pregnancy, inducing immediatly after 40 weeks and those who waited for labor to begin the 2 weeks following showed no adverse outcomes. It’s going past 42 weeks, the high end of “full term” that begins to get hairy. Your doctor will keep and eye on you and your babe and any medical issue that may arise. You’ve got awhile before you hit the 42 week mark. :slight_smile:

I TOTALLY understand. My little G was born 12 days past her due date. Take this time to relax, sit in the sun (if it’s sunny where you are) read some positive stories about birth (LOVE LOVE Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth). I have a lot of fond memories of the last 2 weeks just relaxing in the backyard, reading, joyfully anticipating the arrival of our baby. What a blessed time! It seems to drag now, but I cannot belive that today is my G’s 11 month birthday…the time FLEW. It was hard to wait, b/c everyone around me was urging me to “just go induce it, already!” but I wanted to avoid the hospital at all costs so I could birth at home with my midwife. As I entered 41 weeks, I had my midwife do a “stretch and sweep” as a former poster mentioned, and that started to get things moving. Long walks, sex, scrubbing the floor…all that good stuff can help kick start labor if your baby is ready.

Prayers for a safe, happy, and natural (if that’s what you want of course) delivery!


:bigyikes: :rotfl:

Man, why are people so afraid? It’s crazy…

Absolutely, sounds like that’ll work!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

To the OP: I’m the queen of impatience, though I’m working on it. :blush: My DD was early so I don’t have any practical advice other than what everyone else has said, but I’m offering a prayer for a healthy and safe delivery. God bless! :slight_smile:


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