Past life regression and dreams?

So my family is Hindu and as you may know they believe in reincarnation. Around 2 or 3 years ago my mom started going to some woman who ran a past life regression course at her house. What I’ve heard from her was that it was a really good experience. There were other people at the program too and they also had an “enlightened” experience. I was ok with that as I was only in the phase where I was reading about Christianity. But what that woman claimed was that two indian sages, jesus christ, and the founder of reiki receive us after death and ask us what kind of life we would like to live next. I refrained from talking about how ridiculous that concept was because I didn’t want to hurt any feelings.

Anyway a few months passed and my little brother (then 7 or 8 I guess) started getting bad dreams regularly wherein a dude would come and stab him in the gut and eventually killed the rest of us. He’d wake up crying. Even his stomach started hurting around that time (which we ignored at first)

So the PLR woman had a weekend course for which she invited my mom. My brother went too because his old friends from school lived in the area. But while waiting for my mom to finish he and the teacher’s sister started talking. According to my mom:
he told the sister that he was having these dreams and she asked him if he’d seen the killer before. He said he did (the teacher claims babies while on their mothers shoulders can see other people behind them) she said he could draw the scene if he wanted. He started crying as soon as he started and kept crying on the way back. But I’m witness to the fact that he’s never had the dream or had stomach ache since that day.

I was like WHAT?! All that was creepy as hell I must say. Christians don’t believe in all this right? Did she do some psychological stuff? What he did was not past life regression they were just talking. A few months after that the two sisters came to our house and suggested we do past life regression together. I didn’t know it was a sin at the time so I agreed to sit for ten minutes before I had to leave for practice. In the time I was there they told me to imagine myself as a baby in the womb. My brother completed it though and now I think I’m going to have a hard time talking to him about the sin.

What do you think all that was about? Pretty queer if you ask me. By the way thanks for reading this much if you did

Dear OP:

This is a Catholic BBS.

Catholics reject the idea of past-life regression, because we reject that human beings have more than one human life. As said in the Letter to the Hebrews, “appointed unto man once to die…”

So from the Catholic perspective, so-called past-life recall would be either imagined or the result of demonic suggestion. If it is causing fear and distress, I’d expect the second.

GOD bless and ICXC NIKA.


Hi Renarax, you will find that a lot of therapy programs for kids who are suffering from psychologically based concerns involve drawing and carefully placed questions which can trigger strong emotional responses followed by neutralising stimuli.

Fotr example, while drawing, the child is asked to describe the dream and at the point which is considered the scariest part of the dream, the therapist cracks a joke, or plays some very funny music.

Healing occurs very commonly in this method…

Nothing supernatural or dark…just simple science, as with most cases related to these sorts of things :slight_smile:


Renerax, from the little you said of yourself in your original post, you sound like a devout christian. Would it be fair to say that you prayed for you brother? Ever consider that perhaps your prayers were the key here?


For your brother, I would venture to say that it might be a medical problem, in that he was having stomach pains, and started dreaming of the “killer” stabbing him to explain the pain while he slept. A doctor should be consulted, to rule out the pains coming back.

The killer in the dream may look “familiar” simply because the brain portrayed the character as someone familiar in the dream. Your brother need never view such a man before to dream of him. (When I was younger, I would sometimes have reoccurring nightmares featuring the same “villain”; the location and character seemed so familiar - a grocery store with evil cashier - though I had never been to that location, and never met such a character!).

The “regression” may work by placebo effect, in that it helped you brother relax and avoid the nightmare. If he had a stomach bug, it may have also just healed, and he stopped having the dream triggering pains. In no way would I consider a young boy’s nightmare’s evidence of paranormal phenomenon.

Also keep in mind that - especially with dreams, which people have often thought were more mystical than they are - it is quiet possible to be doing some psychological trick while thinking there is more mysticism involved. Think of an old shaman who casts a “spell” of healing using herbs: some plants do in fact help certain conditions, and thinking that medicine will work does in fact improve the odds that it will (placebo effect), so the mere fact that the patient is convinced that something is going on, possibly together with the properties of the plant, explains what happened - no magic involved. The words of the spell did nothing, but the herb did, and the conviction that it was a spell that would work did.

Something similar could apply here, only instead of having stumbled upon a plant with a certain effect, the people involved have stumbled upon a way of dealing with problems that can have good psychological effects. They might think they’re doing something mystical, and have added incidental wording about past lives and the like, but even if there are good effects, there need not be anything mystical involved in the core of what is going on. And the conviction that such a thing should have certain effects could (depending on the effects) make it more likely that the effects will occur.

People can be tricked by the evil one into believing such lies. Demons know things because they have been around before the creation of mankind and tell one another and work with “mediums” to continue the deception.

When people do not obey the Church about staying away from such things it opens a can of worms.

However, repentance of being involved with such things and obeying a holy priest of what to do is the way to get rid of the influence of such evil. At times it can appear that a “healing” has occurred, and the person can get attracted further into that darkness.

The Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ is enough for one life, and we have many helps from the Lord to stay on track.


Here is an excellent site to ponder about the subject of various deceptions. Catholics need to be evident of all that falls under this category.

Moira Noonan has written a book of her own experience about starting with Reike, getting deeper into all that deception, and tells her story of being led out of it by Our Blessed Mother.

Whoa thanks
Could you imagine that I actually believed Jesus stood before you after death and discussed with you how your next life would be? Back then I was just beginning my transition that will be completed if I get baptized. Once I read into it I saw how ridiculous it was. But these things tend to shake the faith right?
Maybe that’s why every practitioner believes god is the same everywhere and only appears differently to different people. Hindus . . . I tell you.

These things tend to get weird. This christian living nearby had joined some Facebook group which said that on the 21st of December 2012 we will evolve into the 4th dimensions. Something about advanced aliens or sirians or whatever

I have many dreams and I don’t focus on them because most of them are nonsense based on fear and primitive states. This bunk was brought to the West by fools like Jung and Blavatsky.

It is possible for a child to have images or memories of some other life that may or may not have occurred. Many children, and adults, might have some strong abilities to see and know things that are supernatural. This ability is neither good nor evil; it can be seen as a both a blessing and a curse.

The blind part is when people assume that such memories or images are proof of reincarnation. The evil part is when they do this for a living (or for “fun”) and engage individuals and their families in making their take on the supernatural as REALITY. The confusion and deception!

My brother used past life regression to support his feud with my mother. It was sad. The real problems between them happened here in this world, in this life. They might have addressed them and worked through the problems.

A friend once told me that she was a prostitute and unfaithful to her lover in a past life and she died in an auto accident. That is why she cannot drive nor find her true love in this life, she said.

It’s so much fog.

If you believe that there are demonic forces, this would be another good playing ground for demons to keep us blinded to the truth and to the present.

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