"Past Life" TV show. Sinful to watch?

I recently watched the pilot of a new show called "Past Life." It's about a doctor who teams up with a detective. They deal with clients who experience "regressions", or flashes of memories from their "past life." These memories help the doctor and detective solve crimes and try to find the killer. Therefore, it's based on the concept of reincarnation, which is against Catholic belief. Is it sinful to watch such a show? I know there was a big controversy regarding the movie "The Golden Compass" due to the the director's Atheist beliefs. Should I refrain from watching this show, or any other shows that promote non-Catholic beliefs for that matter? Personally, I found the show very interesting but I feel that maybe it may have a bad influence on me as a growing Catholic??

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but I feel that maybe it may have a bad influence on me as a growing Catholic??


There's your marker, right there. I don't think it's necessarily 'sinful', but if you THINK it's been a bad influence on you, then it probably has.

The problem with a show like this is that if you're not well-formed in your faith, it might give you crummy ideas and affect your worldview. And even if you are, it may subtly breakdown walls.

I think of my grandmother who came to live with us near the end of her life and she was watching the soaps with my mom and made a comment like "I wish Jessica would just sleep with Paul already". It turned my brow up because those two characters weren't married and that's not the stance I've seem my grandmother normally take in the past.

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