Past mortal sins and state of grace

Real quick, is it true that is you remembered a mortal sin you’ve done in the past and had forgotten about that, when you remember it you’re still in a state of grace, provided that you go to confession as soon as possible?

Glory to God
Hail Mary!

Yes, you remain in the state of grace.
No, not provided you go to confession as soon as possible. You don’t have to rush. All that is needed is to mention it the next time you go to confession which can simply be your next regular or necessary confession.

Remembering a forgotten mortal sin does not “revive” the state of mortal sin. It simply imposes the obligation to confess it; intentionally failing to do so incurs a new sin, but does not “revive” the old one.

So does the same apply for communion? If I remember a past mortal sin before going to receive communion do I go up and receive communion anyway and such a communion wouldn’t be an act of sacrilege?

Glory to God
Hail Mary!

Glad you ask. As I repented with the power of the sacrament of reconciliation, I actually noticed an important mortal sin that we may forget to ask for absolution for which can prevent ones ability to receive the Eucharist is “the times we failed to go to church.” It’s the easiest to be forgiven for, yet is also easy to slip from the mind, so be cautious.

There was a movie featuring a term called, “prayer strategy” and I think you might need “confession strategy.” Tally up the sins you have done in your life, lies you told to people you care about is the best place to start. Why? Because Satan is the “prince of lies” and Jesus Christ will immediately know Satan has been trying to harm you, sound the alarm!

The next, are people you may have had sex with, this one is huge! When you have sex with someone, you gain a spiritual yoke with them. The way to break it is through confession, freeing yourself of that sinful spiritual bondage. Highly suggested, if this pertains to you.

I hope a confession strategy works for you and we can hang out in Heaven after all this! The effort you put in as a “work in progress” will allow Jesus Christ to see a pattern of righteousness, and the Eucharist may be yours to receive along your spiritual journey.

God Bless!

Yes, you do.
No, it wouldn’t be sacrilege because as I said,

Remembering a forgotten mortal sin does not undo the state of grace.

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