pasted on skin tight pants!


Today at Mass, when it was over, a woman came down from the rafter seat and i was on my way out of the church. She was wearing the most appalling attire i have ever seen at a Mass, NO Mass or TLM!

she had on the tightest pair of pasted on pants that i ever seen! i was deeply unahppy about it. i politely took her aside
and told her she should not wear such attire to Mass.

the guy who was with her told me she did not speak english, so i told him to tell her that she should wear more appropriate
attire to Mass, and in our church, you must if you are a woman, wear a long skirt/dress and a head covering.

i demonstrated to her when he told me she did not speak english, that she should wear a skirt and not skin tight pants and a head covering. the head covering thing was not what had offended me, it was the pasted on pants.

he only smiled when i told him what the girl ought to be wearing. it was like she came in her personal self if you know what i mean, without me getting blunt here.

i have never been so offended in my entire life. all the people who saw her were shocked to say the least. when i politely pointed to my skirt and my head covering i told her this is the attire we wear to Mass, she just laughed it off like it was no big deal.

i can’t believe she wore the hooker pants to Mass! i never seen such a disgusting attire at Mass in my entire life! not in the NO and not in the TLM!:mad:


What a blessing that she didn’t speak English.


I wonder if she’ll come again now…



Welcome to the 21st century. Almost everyone has seen people in grossly inappropriate attire in church, except maybe for those who only attend for weddings and funerals.

Its part of the age we live in, I don’t know what can be done, unless we want to have the ushers enforce a dress code.


Unfortunately, that is so common. I get so upset when I see girls wearing that stuff, especially to Mass. The lack of respectful dress is bad enough (shorts, tank tops, Hawaiian shirts), but the downright immodesty is apalling. :gopray2:


the dress code is written on a large paper for everyone to see.
the guy could have told her about it. if she does come back,
and wears the same attire, i will talk to the least she knows now what not to wear to Mass.

i was not inappropriately talking harsh to her, i was very polite to her. she understood through the polite demonstration what i was talking about, and she shrugged it off like it was a hoot.

the pants were black, and one of those ultra thin type pants and low cut. her jacket was above her waist, and everyone could plainly see what she was wearing.

i have never been so disgusted in my life. :mad:


perhaps she was part of the local "working class;) " and entered the church for some warmth??
But I agree…that attire is not proper for the Church!


no. her friend was dressed in a suit. no chance she was working. not at all. her whole pants looked like she had shown up in her birthday suit


Sometimes it is very difficult to see yourself as others see you. It is even more difficult to look at someone and see them as God sees them.


Sorry Marilena I think you missed my meaninng of “working class”…I was using the term to describe a “hooker”:wink:


No, she was not that type, only her pants. for the other poster, would you dress your tackiest in the House of God?
i doubt it. would the Blessed Virgin show up at your place in a pair of pants like that? i doubt it! so why show God such blatant disrespect?? i want my attire to be pleasing to our Lord! i would never show up at anyones house, especially Mass dressed like that!


as an old italian grandmother would say…

“fatti i cavolacci tuoi”


?:confused: none of my business? why shouldn’t i have politely taken her aside and told her? we have a dress code and her attire is not appropriate. it sends the wrong message and is a distraction. so yes, she needed to be told and i wont apologize for that. not at all.


I have seen a youn woman coming to my parish dressed in what I would call a non reverent or exotic attire. I was puzzled but I did not say anything, I just looked when she talked to the priest asking him to bless something. Later, week after week I have seen her coming to Mass, then starting to change attire, then I started to see her in the confession line, and now she is just one of the other parishoners that is there on Sundays. I would not consider her attire elegant but it is not irreverent either. The Holy Spirit works in different ways. Sometimes He tells us to shut up (I am a loud mouth), and sometimes He asks us to speak up. We just do our best and make sure that what we do is for God’s glory and not for ourselves.


That is a little bit harsh for a grandmother to say. But again, Italian grandmothers have strong opinions!:o


You should hear a Scottish one! :smiley:

Anyway, what others wear is their concern regardless of dress codes unless of course, you’re the one in charge of enforcing it?

Besides, there was a time when I was so broke all I had was one pair of jeans to my name and one pair of trainers. Would you have spoken to me as well?


in my humble opinion, it was absolutely none of your business.
people have too much to say about things that are absolutely no concern of theirs.
don’t be confused, sometimes i agree with you, sometimes i don’t. and this time i don’t.

and why am i telling you this, because i think you need to be told. will i apologize for that, not at all. :wink:


that depends. i only spoke to her because it was offensive, not just to me but to everyone who saw her. i wont apologize for being polite and for reminding her that that is not the type of attire one wears to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. if the priest thinks iam out of line, i will accept his reprimand, if he states i did the right thing, then that is the way it is. i will ask him.


well, your certainly entitled to your opinion. i don’t have a problem with that at all.


I’d like to know where this church is, so that I don’t show up there.

I don’t wear cover my head and I don’t wear skirts of any kind.

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