Pastor, Eight Others Missing in Uganda after Muslims Beat, Rape Congregation


A pastor in eastern Uganda and eight other Christians are missing two weeks after a Muslim mob attacked a church prayer meeting, locked the congregation in, beat several members and raped 15 women, sources said.
The approximately 90 Muslims broke into the evening prayer meeting of Katira Church of Uganda, in Katira village, Budaka District at about 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 15 and beat them with clubs and sticks, area sources said. Previously Muslims had only thrown stones at the roof of the church building to disrupt church services of the 500-member congregation, villagers said.
At the evening service, about 80 members were present, and among those who escaped before the doors were locked was a Christian who heard one of the assailants shout, “Away with the pastor who is converting our Muslims to Christianity,” a church leader said.


:(Prayers for the persecuted Church.


“Morning Star News” is not a news site.
Any other links to this story?


Such happening is not uncommon today.

We can only pray for them and their persecutors. :gopray2:


“Morning Star News” is not a news site.
Any other links to this story?

Really. I think we should toss out this thread because it portrays Muslims in an absolutely horrific light. If we can do it on a technicality (claim the link is not a news site), all the better. At the rate we are going with mainstream news propaganda, sites such as ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, the Washington Post, etc. aren’t news sites either. But much better to bury the story completely and pretend it never happened because it is upsetting and because it might impact the discussion on refugees, the Koran, immigration and the Muslim religion of peace. Dear God, please help these Christians who are being persecuted under such shameful conditions. But yes, absolutely, get rid of the story and the thread.


Only right-wing sites are reporting this.
Any links closer to the event?
Otherwise, it looks like fear mongering.


I think it is news worth reporting. Some may not care but others do. There are million of Christians minority in Muslim countries being targeted for persecution and repression. It does happen. Some of us posters here may have a friend or someone that they know who are victims. So it is not surprising.

But you are right. It may be fake news. Maybe. Today it is hard to believe the media. We can only need to get confirmation from more sources. That I agree. But Christians being persecuted and killed, their churches being destroyed, those are factual happening across the world today.


Fake news is fake news. I’ve seen it before here on CAF.
I can’t find a link closer to the event. That alone should sound alarm bells.
Google it yourself.


What sad news! :frowning: Praying for all involved.


Uganda isn’t a Muslim country with a Christian minority. It’s 85% Christian, Catholicism being the most predominant of the Christian faiths.

My Parish has a sister Parish in Uganda.


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