Pastor Ferdie Flores is being executed in East Timor today pl pray for him


I got this message on my mobile today and checked it out. Seems he is from the Philippines and started a new Church in East Timor, the CATHOLICS are the villains who are gunning for him it seems… does anyone from the Philippines know more about it ?


You need to post some sort of link to the story here, not just an unsubstantiated vague assertion. Of course, everyone here prays for those who are victims of injustice and persecution, especially for those ‘unknown’ victims (known only to God).


Linkage? Story’s kind of vague right now.

EDIT: Looks like it’s a year old rumor.


Since I did not know what it was about, asked for information. The message reached me today.


According to the link, the rumor has been put to rest. Thread closed.


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