Pastor G Craige Lewis Exposes Hip-Hop

I have been and still am a fan of all kinds of music, but in the 90’s in my teenage years I was pretty into hip-hop over and above other forms of music. But I recently discovered a Baptist minister named G Craige Lewis who is exposing the Satanic influences on mainstream hip-hop. Many mistakenly associate the demonic only with certain types of rock music to the exclusion of hip-hop, but this minister for years has been hard at work debunking that myth. In my opinion he is doing the work of the Lord. Sadly in one of his videos he takes a bit of a shot at Catholicism (talking about someone named Serapis Bey), but I think overall he is doing much more good than harm. A WARNING about the following links: They contain BLATANT AND EXTREME BLASPHEMY.

Here he is exposing Beyonce and Jay-Z:

Here is a 3-parter in which he exposes the Wu-Tang Clan (very popular in the 90’s), Jay-Z, and most fascinatingly, Bone Thugs N Harmony (another very popular ‘90s group):

I like rap but sometimes I think I am walking in a minefield. Sometimes becoming some kind of a puritan doesn’t sound so bad to me, but then I would become even more judgmental than I already am and I would never have any fun.

Any thoughts?

Living in our world is like walking in a minefield.

You need to do what you can to avoid sin and near occasions of sin…and giving scandal.

Pray, seek reconciliation frequently, and of course attend Mass regularly. If you honestly SEEK to avoid sin, you will.

You won’t do it perfectly as we aren’t capable of that.

Be wary of scrupulosity. This is the finding of sin where sin does not actually exist.

Protestant ministers, among others, see Satan in lots of places. I think defining one form of music or another as ‘satanic’ is wrong headed. Satan can certainly be almost anywhere, but he can only be where he is allowed to be. I don’t know if hip-hop is inherently worse than any other form of music. One really should be mindful of the language in music, and how it depicts relationships. Does it glorify sin?

Lots of operas and other classical forms of entertainment have rather immoral influences in them.

Seek God’s guidance and use His gifts to keep yourself free of sin. You don’t have to be a puritan and you can still have lots of fun.

Hillaire Belloc, GK Chesterton, St Teresa of Avila, St Philip Neri and many many others would think so!

Heaven's old chap, who knows they may be exposed to the horrors of Dixieland jazz next with it's frantic and wild beats.:D

Btw Serapis Bey is a so called 'ascended master' that Madame Blavatsky claimed to receive teachings from. I'll have to see how someone works this into a jibe at Catholicism.

I never said that rap and popular music were inherently bad, I just made that puritan comment because that’s how I feel sometimes. And I admit I am a scrupulous person but when a very popular and influential entertainer is wearing “do what thou wilt” on his shirt and says “life begins when the church ends” in his songs I know I am not being scrupulous.

Not that I don't appreciate constructive criticism, but I am a little surprised that I have recieved nothing but a couple of critical comments so far. Did I say something stupid? I know the pastor in the links I provided says some outlandish things but I really think he is on to something when he says the occult has spread its influence into hip-hop music. Did I say something weird so that nobody wants to agree with me? Honestly this is bugging me more than it probably should :banghead: Someone please help me out here.

In my experience Rolypoly, Catholics tend to take the wickedness of and in the world with a big grain of salt and avoid or refuse to be scandalized by it (we know it’s missing God, the critical link to morality, virtue, Truth, etc.).

The entertainment industry has been largely morally bankrupt for a very, very long time. There have been serious Papal criticisms and even condemnations of Hollywood since the 1930s, for example, because of its ability to be a negative influence on morals. Hip-hop is not known for its Catholicism or Christianity, so it won’t surprise anyone that it lacks any wisdom or moral fiber. Hip-hop has a bad reputation as it is even in the general and non-Christian population owing to its blatant glorification of violence, careless and dangerous promotion of immoral sexual relationships, and obsession with empty, material riches : you don’t need to be a religious brother or a priest to realize hip-hop is not good food for your soul, and that it is likely going to be a very bad influence on your moral development or holiness, especially that of youth.

My advice : Find solidly good artists and support them. If you are artistically inclined yourself, let your Catholicism and Christian Wisdom inspire your art. Don’t be afraid to point out the childishness or downright terrible, immoral or stupid advice many pop-artists give in their lyrics and music. Point out the very bad and unhappy examples they often provide with their lives and relationships, when they are given such a wonderful chance and opportunity to provide a good and responsible example for millions of people. Don’t support music that corrupts people : there are always good artists and musicians out there if you are willing to seek them out, and they need your suppport.


A balanced view I’d say. I’d only add there are even hip-hop and rap artists with rather better themes than how many hos they have etc. etc. Yes that sort of stuff is tiresome and childish but not everyone making records in that genre works in that style. Unfortunately that is what sells and so that is what gets the attention.

Thanks for your replies and advice. :o I like everything you both said, I just feel like some Christians treat the occult as no worse than any other type of immorality, which I think is a big mistake.

The problem is all we’ve heard so far is a pastor who is also notably (as you yourself point out) anti-Catholic. He doesn’t exactly strike me as the most balanced religious figure I’ve ever seen.

Can’t a person be a good Christian doing the work of the Lord while at the same time having serious misconceptions about the One True Faith?

Yes but he seems to have numerous misconceptions about a number of things. I was mindboggled to see him popping off about the sequence from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis in one of those videos.

No he doesn’t but given the gravity of his claims I would expect any rational and concerned catholic would research the claims he is making. He is not the first person who spoke some truth who also had misconceptions and problems with Catholics. Alot of what he says is actually factual. Recently he did one on Michael Jackson (whom I’ve been an ardent fan of since I was seven) where he quoted Michael saying in an interview that he used to channel Liberace. Until I checked it myself I didn’t know that was true. So it’s not about dismissing people’s message out of hand but discerning and rationalizing truth from untruth.

This thread is now over 17 months old Kinja,it might be best to let it die as digging up old threads is regarded as bad ettiquette on the forum.

I think the fact that he is a Baptist minister explains a lot.

It is very wrong-headed to just write off an entire musical genre as being the work of Satan.
As far as music goes, the best thing is to go with your own tastes and be prudent. Listen to the lyrics and discern etc.

I listen to the Pixies and to Eminem and I don’t generally think there is anything wrong with that in and of itself.

I also don’t believe that Satan is IN music even if it is blasphemous. It is the work of someone, a person. Perhaps a person attempting to sell a record through use of controversy.

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