Pastor Injured in Dirt Bike Accident During Church Service

KOKOMO, Ind. — A pastor brought out a dirt bike during a church service to demonstrate the concept of unity. Now he’s demonstrating the concept of healing.

Jeff Harlow, the senior pastor at Crossroads Community Church, broke his wrist when he lost control of the motorcycle at the start of Sunday’s second service, driving off a 5-foot platform and into the vacant first row of seats. He underwent surgery on the wrist Monday.

“Jeff has already laughed a lot, so he’s OK. I think his pride was bruised,” said his wife, Becky.

Becky Harlow said her husband had recently attended a motorcycle race in Buchanan, Mich.

“He had this idea that he would bring this bike out onstage and show people how the rider would become one with the bike,” she told the Kokomo Tribune. “He was going to just sit on it and drive it out. He was just walking the dirt bike out onstage and somehow it got away from him. It was not intended.”

No one else was hurt.

Jeff Harlow had performed the demonstration at earlier services Saturday night and Sunday morning without incident.,2933,388261,00.html

You would think with being a “Bible” church the pastor would be a little more familiar with this passage from Luke:

“Every one who exalts himself will be humbled, but he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

I’m glad our priest leaves his Hog parked outside:rolleyes:

Maybe this was God’s way of saying to the kind pastor: “No, dude, this is NOT what I meant about unity!” :smiley:

I must admit, I feel sorry for the man and other evangelical pastors. It must be very difficult to constantly come up with new ways to “spice-up” your services so you can dazzle people’s senses and keep the seats full.

Glad Mr. Pastor Man can laugh about it :thumbsup:

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