Pastor Melissa Scott

Does anyone know anything about this person? I was surfing the television last night and saw her preaching. She uses three big boards and writes down tons of stuff in different languages.

Here is her website:

I’ve watched her show. She teams up with some other guy I think and their dry-erase board gets filled up with words and circles and lines and starts to resemble *A Beautiful Mind *and after waiting and waiting for something resembling a substantial point, I turned it off. It was like exploring a mural by standing with your nose one millimeter from the canvas.

She’s the third wife of famous Assembly of God TV preacher Dr. Gene Scott, who died a few yrs ago at age 75…
Do you remember him? The smoking, cursing, protestant TV preacher from the 80s?

he frequently railed against what he considered to be government intrusion on his activities, and gave credence to government conspiracy theories about UFOs and other phenomena.[5] Many conservative Christian observers considered his teaching suspect and disapproved of the casual attitude he took towards moral issues such as sex and drinking
Source: wikipedia

That’s why she’s not on the religious broadcasting channel. I think I caught it on the “men’s tv channel,” Spike.

She’s a lot better looking than he was.

That explains the white boards with endless notations - reminiscent of her late husband. Now there was a character! My husband once called the show (and it WAS a show!) to chastise Scott for berating his employees - the employee that answered was NOT amused. :smiley:

She is rather a unusual and entertaining character; I have nicknamed her the “Bible Babe”. I will check this thread to see what interesting facts exist about her. I have seen her show a couple of times, the most note worthy one to me was one about the fathers of the reformation. It had some twisiting of history from my perspective.

How old is she?

I suppose it’s not the most charitable thing to say,:rolleyes: but she just creeps me out when I see her. I just can’t change the channel fast enough. :eek:


I don’t blame you. The first thing I noted was the “collar” on her website homepage…it’s so surreal and discomforting.

She’s very pretty, but her show is creepy.

I just saw a pic of her late hubby- um, what is someone that attractive doing with Statler&Waldorf?

At one time she was also in porn. Don’t ask me how I know.

Wow, the things one learns on this forum.

Melissa Scott was a porn star under the name “Barbie Bridges” or “Barbi Bridges”. She was also Miss Can-Am or some such “naked” award. She had a Barbie Bridges production company with her first husband.

Apparently, Melissa was paid by Rev Gene Scott to attend his services. He always paid pretty girls to attend so he could attract more people.

He left wife #2 for Melissa.

Melissa does not have any formal education past high school.

Nooooo Way!!!:eek:

I thought someone would say she attended some prestigious college and had received all sorts of accolades and academic awards. I am glad she is no longer in that business. You have to admit if she were ever to cross the Tiber that would make one interesting journey home show. Now, that’s something to pray about. :slight_smile:

Catheflower… we won’t ask how you know all that. Lol :rolleyes:

As physically attractive as she is, though, it pains me to see her wearing a Roman collar. :rolleyes:

Talk about false advertising! :confused:

Statler and Waldorf would have put it like this…

Statler: "The white board isn’t half bad"
Waldorf: “Your right, they’re all bad!”

My parents used to watch Dr. Scott’s show on the dish in the 80’s, and were fascinated by his knowledge. Basically, anyone who is a good speaker, and appears educated usally can get a following.

So add another to the list for former pornstars that are now evangelicals preachers. Who would had known!:shrug:

Nothing wrong with redeption but i felt this is a bit extreme.

Especially if her congregation does not know her past and have not received explanations about it.

BTW is all over the web.
She was Miss Nude Cam-Am Exotic, a beauty pageant for strippers in her native Canada. Her father was some sort of ganster with a eastern european or maybe jewish name. Her first husband was some sort of Mafia guy last name Pastore. She appeared in Penthouse and in web porn (is not clear if it was softcore or hardcore, probably softcore). Most of her photos in her previous job has been removed from the web.

Interesting that her bio on the website doesn’t mention any of this - surely it’d make a great angle if she really was a reformed stripper/pornstar?

I did another search and saw that she worked for Vivid, a HARDCORE (featuring real unsimulated sex acts) pornographic film company.

In my opinion she should have made that fact known. If she is sincere in her faith that would be great story. There is a growing movement of ex porn stars, strippers and escort that are working in helping other women to get out of the sex industry and prevent young trouble women to get there into the first place. Shelley Lubben, Anne Bissell, Annie Lobert, Heather Veitch, Harmony Dust are some of the more known names. Most are evangelical christians or come from feminist ranks. But there are some Catholic women who are friend of me how are doing the same thing in the East Coast.

Sadly she seems to choosed to hide her past and ignore the young women that are now were she was years ago.

All other things aside, this introduction sounds like a beautiful woman at the well conversion story.

I like the idea of praying her across the Tiber. :slight_smile:

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