Pastor only allowing communion onto tongue

At a new church I went to today for an ethnic party, I learned that the pastor will only allow the communion to be placed on one’s tongue. Apparently, the pastor said that he ruled this to prevent problems like taking home the host.

Is this allowed? Could someone give me a reference?

It is allowed. I don’t see why anyone would object. Seeing as receiving on the hand is not very reverent and many silly people try to steal Jesus.

Is this not the decision of the Bishop and not individual priests?

There are many cases of the Eucharist being desecrated. Sadly, there are many youtube videos that give proof to that. If that is his reasoning, I don’t see a problem with it.

After watching a man put a host in his pocket after receiving I’m all for allowing communion on the tongue alone.

Sounds good to me.

Satanists steal them to have “Black masses” I don’t know what that really is, I didn’t want to read into it or look at one because frankly it just scares me.

WHo are you to decide reverence of someone recieving on the hand?

A laity doesn’t have consecrated hands. Plus, People’s hands are dirty.

Receiving on the hand also makes it much more possible for pieces of Christ to fall onto the ground and not even be noticed.

As I have tried to point out many times before, there is also a social aspect to this issue.

Yes, priests can, of their own accord, disallow people from receiving in the hand if there is a chance for desecration.

That may or may not be true. If it is, do you imagine that stealing the Host only started happening with the introduction of CITH?

how do you imagine that Hosts were obtained before the 1970s. when it was communion on the tongue only?

Neither does a Deacon. Irrelevant anyway, as the priest’s hands are consecrated for saying Mass, not for distributing.

You do know that in most parishes EMHCs take Communion to the housebound and those in hospital? How are they to do that if they can’t use their hands?

If your objection is physical dirtiness, then fix that by installing hand sanitiser at the entrance…

Maybe they didn’t get them.

Only in parishes which use unsuitable altar-breads. The problem of fragments is easily avoided by using breads with sealed edges,

I don’t really think there’s much of a reason for the faithful not to receive communion on their hands… This is how St. Cyril (and, for instance, myself) sees it.

Receive Communion by making a throne: one hand under the other, ready to receive our great King. - St. Cyril

I believe that’s the right way to do it. Those who know what they have on their hands have a true and pure understanding of the weight of it, and will respect it properly. :thumbsup:

If Communion is offered Intincted, that is the Host is dipped by the priest into the species of wine, then on Communion on the Tongue is permitted.

That is how it is normally done in my parish, so we have a similar restriction.

Otherwise, in the US, it is the choice of the recipient.

But if the parish, has had incidence of attempted theft of Holy Communion, the pastor would be required to take steps to prevent it. All of the recent Popes have made a similar decision for the exact same reason.

Unless there is a chance for desecration in which it is the priest’s right to not permit on the hand.

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