Pastor pushing "Renew" for the Fall

go to the website and review the materials. They are orthodox in themselves and like many such programs, begin with establishing small faith sharing communities in the parish based on reading and prayer with the Sunday Gospel. If someone with an agenda gets hold of the program, or gets hold of the small groups, no doubt they will use the mechanism to push their agenda. Good leadership and good facilitator training for those running the small groups, and clear communication to all involved on the goals of the renewal process is essential. If yours is a liberal, dissenting parish with leadership to match, this or any renewal program will make matters worse. If yours is just a lackadaisical parish with only a few people involved, this could be the key to a whole new evangelizing, vital parish life. Depends on the pastors, the leadership and the parishioners.

this is NOT the same program as Renew2000, it has been completely revamped since then, so don’t judge if your parish did Renew2000.

And you want to start another Church? I’m confused. :confused:

witnessing is something the first disciples did, something the first martyrs did, something the saints did, and something every baptized Catholic is called to do. We owned it for almost 2000 years before the fundamentalists claimed it. Don’t let them co-opt our heritage and our mission.

I tried finding their website, but just keep coming up with charismatic renewal pages. Does anyone know the official name of the program?

I thought there was a post here asking for the website. Anyway, here 'tis: I thought it looked solid; I hope it’s better than some sentimental claptrap.

But Oy – on second look, they’re the people who brought us “Theology on Tap.” Ugh! I hope it’s better than that. I also have higher hopes for anything but Theology on Tap!!!

What’s wrong with Theology on Tap?

I’m a member of a Renew discussion group at my parish. I enjoy it very much and what we are taught and discuss is orthodox Catholic teachings.

ToT is as good as the group who presents it, just like Renew and Why Catholic…

I really do respect the RENEW efforts. So as to not threadjack, I opened a new thread specifically regarding my issues with Theology on Tap here.

There were big problems with Renew in the beginning but I thought they were corrected.

I participated in Renew last year, and I thought it was wonderful. For me, it seemed a continuation of RCIA (I had just been confirmed that Easter ;))

The books we had were very centered on the Catechism and the Gospels, and invited small groups to discuss and contemplate the subject of the week. I thought it was very well structured, and it was a great way to meet more people in the Church.

There’s nothing wrong with small groups, was my point.:thumbsup:

I guess it’s not the “small group” thing,it’s what’s being taught.:blush:

That is what I thought. Our parish did it early on and the prayers were really wacky like there was this one to the four winds and we had this ceremony where we wrote something on a paper and then be burned it.We did the Renew 2000 program.

I agree 100%. I suppose you could get a group facilitator who is liberal and steers the discussion in a manner not in keeping with Church teaching but the books, I thought, were perfectly orthodox. Granted our parish only just started this spring and we’ve only covered one book, but I loved it. The Military Archdiocese is working very hard to bring this study to all military parishes. In our small parish alone (~600), we probably had a 20% participation rate; soldiers, family members and retirees all together. It was WONDERFUL!

I think perhaps you are thinking of ALPHA. A first step in the direction of becoming “Christian.” It has the sinners prayer, but it is pretty generic.

See this review from

Renew IS NOT the same as Renew2000 as has been stated several times, it has been completely overhauled, please evaluate the current materials and program, not the 7-8 year old program that is no longer in use.

We did RENEW so far back that I cannot remember much about it except that it did help people to get to know one another. I think it is very “leader sensitive.” Poor leaders equals poor experience. We were one of those parishes where people could hardly wait to get to their car after Mass.

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